"Needs to be nerfed" - Apex Legends players frustrated as the Nemesis remains highly unbalanced in Season 17

"Needs to be nerfed"- Apex Legends players frustrated as the Nemesis remains highly unbalanced in Season 17(image via Sportskeeda)
Apex Legends players frustrated as the Nemesis remains highly unbalanced in Season 17 (Image via Respawn Entertainment and Sportskeeda)

The Nemesis, which has entirely disrupted the gun economy in Apex Legends, has lately been the cause of a constant hue and cry due to its unbalanced nature. Respawn Entertainment has failed to balance the assault rifle's overall firepower and its oppressive stance in the game, and it has critically impacted the overall nature of gameplay.

"Nemesis needs to be nerfed to the ground asap."

User MANUU_20 has taken to Reddit to express the immense balancing issues the entire game has been facing since the Nemesis' release. It has been a dominating force in the entirety of Apex Legends, plaguing both pubs and ranked matches across different levels of gameplay.

Apex Legends players demand an immediate nerf of the overpowered Nemesis

The introduction of the Nemesis in Apex Legends Season 16 got fans excited about the release of a brand new weapon in the game. Ever since the release of the C.A.R. SMG, the battle royale title had been quite slow in bringing fresh weapons to the table. As the previous season progressed, more and more comments and criticism about the Nemesis have surfaced on the internet.

It is a four-burst assault rifle in Apex Legends and carries the energy-ammo. The Nemesis has the potential to shred through Lv. 4 Evo shields in a matter of three-shots. This has been a cause for grave concern for the entire community. Moving into the latest season, players were left surprised that this overpowered weapon is still untouched and has made the game feel somewhat stale because of its presence.

User SPR_Hybrid pointed out the overwhelming strength that the barebones Nemesis possesses in comparison to the Hemlock, a weapon in the Care Package. The latter is fully decked out and yet fails to perform even sub-par in comparison to the Nemesis in its bare form.

Redditor Awsimical shared their opinion regarding the Nemesis, discussing the devastating impact that the weapon has across all ranges. Its versatility is concerning, keeping in mind the fact that an assault rifle is mainly suited for mid-range combat.

The very existence of marksman weapons in Apex Legends has become redundant since the release of the Nemesis. Its long-range potential outshines any marksman in their class. Awsimical is of the opinion that strong changes need to be made to the weapon, as they believe that merely reducing the damage to 14 per bullet would still retain its ridiculously strong stature.

The Nemesis was meant to be a balanced weapon in the AR class. However, it is natural that this is not the case. Despite being overpowering in mid- to long-range fights, user JooosephNthomas talked about its incredibly powerful hip-fire at close range.

The constant overwhelming performance this gun provides, as per the accounts of numerous players in Reddit and other social media, is a genuine cause for concern regarding the health of the game.

User jmyersjlm described possible changes that could help balance the current nature of the Nemesis in Apex Legends' active loot-pool. He is of the opinion that removing the barrel stabiliser attachment, which helps control recoil, would be a great start to changing the weapon's oppresive nature. Furthermore, a change to the charge-up mechanic of the Nemesis would further acccentuate the gun to be on a balanced field in the game.

Considering that merely shooting the Nemesis revs it up and increases its fire rate, a minor tweak requiring players to hit all their shots would be a great start to reduce the overpowered nature of the gun in Apex Legends. The lack of a barrel stabiliser and this mechanic, as discussed by jmyersjlm, would reduce its overall efficacy, especially in long-range gunfights.

Character-Archer4863 also feels strongly and talked about changing the recoil as it charges up as the first and foremost nerf for the Nemesis. They further accentuated their point by adding the fact that acquiring the ability to shoot faster should have the counter-point of having harder recoil to control.

It would definitely be a great addition to the game and would bring back marksman weapons back on the table to fill their role in Apex Legends.

Much like johnnyshady1, a majority of players in the community are against the Nemesis' dominating nature. Gamers are taking a united stand regarding the requirement of having to actually hit shots to charge up the weapon further, which is definitely amongst the first factors that need to be balanced.

Players are concerned as their cries seem to go unnoticed by Respawn regarding the gun's unbalanced nature. Such an offering is detrimental to the overall health of the game. It is of utmost importance for the developer to take notice of this downward trend and generate a fix as soon as possible. Stay tuned to Sportskeeda for the latest Apex Legends news.

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