Apex Legends dataminers leak upcoming RagArmy event for Season 19 

RagArmy Event skins
RagArmy Event skins in Apex Legends Season 19 (Image via Respawn Entertainment and X (Formerly Twitter)/HYPERMYSTx)

Two data miners in the Apex Legends community, HYPERMYST and Thordansmash, have discovered game files indicating a new Collection Event codenamed RagArmy.

Both dataminers speculate the release of the event shortly, during the tenure of Apex Legends' Season 19, Ignite, and it seems that Respawn Entertainment has taken its commitment towards the game up by a notch.

This article will cover the necessary details concerning the RagArmy Collection event, all the possible Legend skins it features, and more.

Apex Legends Season 19 RagArmy event leaked: All Legend skins, new Heirloom recolor, and more

All expected Legend skins for Apex Legends Season 19 RagArmy Collection Event

Dataminer HYPERMYST has discovered game files that indicate the following Legends will be featured in the upcoming RagArmy Collection Event:

  1. Pathfinder "Blazing Obsidian"
  2. Caustic "Heat Treated"
  3. Revenant "Fury Incarnate"
  4. Loba "Scorching Style"
  5. Mad Maggie "Mad Magma"
  6. Wraith (undiscovered)
  7. Horizon (undiscovered)
  8. Valkyrie (undiscovered)

All the displayed images seem to be of Legendary rarity, considering the fact that previous leaks have indicated that Wraith, Horizon, and Valkyrie will be possessing Epic Rarity skins.

All expected weapon skins for Apex Legends Season 19 RagArmy Collection Event

The following weapons are expected to be part of the event's cosmetic collection:

  1. Flatline AR
  2. Peacekeeper Shotgun
  3. Devotion LMG
  4. L-Star
  5. Longbow Sniper Rifle
  6. Wingman Pistol
  7. Rampage LMG
  8. 30-30 Repeater

In general, the entire Collection event features a magma theme, displaying elements of lava, scorched earth, and such. Naturally, this leads to the speculation that the upcoming Heirloom recolor could also feature a similar theme.

New Heirloom recolor for RagArmy event in Season 19

Previously data-mined information hinted that the upcoming Heirloom recolor would feature either Octane's "Butterfly Knife" or Crypto's "Biwon Blade." However, newly discovered game files from Thordansmash indicate that the upcoming candidate for an Heirloom recolor is Bloodhound and his "Raven's Bite."

The previously leaked Heirloom recolors of the Butterfly Knife and the Biwon Blade seemingly lack textures. This stipulates that they are reserved for future events, which will either be hosted towards the end of Season 19 or the launch of Season 20.

As discussed above, the Heirloom recolor for Bloodhound's Raven's Bite will feature a lava theme, similar to all the cosmetics data-mined by HYPERMYST. The release date for the event is yet to be determined, but judging by the fact that the Uprising Event and the End of Year Sale will span throughout December, we can safely assume it will pop up around mid-late January 2024.

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