Call of Duty Warzone Season 4: New update brings much-needed change to Gulag

Gulag Call of Duty Warzone (Image via Activision)
Gulag Call of Duty Warzone (Image via Activision)
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The Call of Duty Warzone Season 4 update brought much-needed changes to the game.

The Season 4 'Mercenaries of Fortune' update on Call of Duty Warzone was released on June 22 and has added plenty of content for the playerbase to enjoy. The favorite amongst them might be the new Fortune's Keep Resurgence map, but the devs have added new game modes, weapons, and operators for the players to experience.

But one thing that hasn't changed with the new update is the Gulag known as Hold on the map of Caldera. The map may have seen a lot of visual changes with the advent of the new update, but the hated Gulag of Caldera remains the same. But let's not say that the devs haven't improved on it. The footsteps of the spectators have been muted for the players facing off in the Hold.

Call of Duty Warzone Season 4 update mutes the footsteps of Spectators in Gulag

Gulag is an event that a player has to face when they are killed on the map. They will have to face another player in similar circumstances in a 1V1 scenario, and the winner gets the right to redeploy. Season 3 update on Call of Duty Warzone introduced the Gulag named Hold to the map of Caldera.

Since it was introduced, it has been hated by the playerbase for its various issues. The latest Gulag event takes place in the belly of a ship with narrow corridors and blind turns. Due to the limited line of sight and difficulty maneuvering in the tight corridors, many players use the camping strategy in Hold. This has led to severe frustration among the players.

But the most frustrating part is not the camp-style gameplay. It has always been the footsteps of the spectators above who are waiting for their turn. The playerbase has complained that the spectator's footsteps on Hold are too loud for the players facing off.

Without proper visual clues, players depend on the sound of footsteps to determine the direction from which the enemy is coming. But the incessant audio of the spectator's footsteps has made it hard for players to differentiate it from the enemy's footsteps.

But the Call of Duty Warzone Season 4 update brought a much-needed tweak to the system. The footsteps of the spectators waiting above will now be muted for the players facing off in the Hold.

This has cleared the annoying background footsteps, making it easier for players to pick audio clues about their enemy's movement. This has been a very welcoming change for the players. The playerbase is very thankful to the devs for making it possible in the latest season of Call of Duty Warzone.

More quality-of-life changes added with the new patch

The aforementioned auditory tweak is not the only change that the devs have added to improve the quality of the in-game experience for the players. The following changes are also part of the Call of Duty Warzone Season 4 update:

  1. The selection of the in-game loadout crates will start from the top of the list. Before this update, the cursor would remain over the previous loadout selection. This has led to players accidentally equipping the wrong loadout in the battle heat. After the update, the cursor will be on the first selection when the custom loadout menu is opened in-game.
  2. Before this update, if the gas mask broke while the players were parachuting, the break animation would interrupt it. This had led to many players accidentally falling to death for a very arbitrary reason. The Season 4 update has mitigated this problem. Now the animation of breaking of gasmask will not interrupt the parachuting while falling.
  3. Players can now remain in the buy station menu while performing multiple purchases. This can be enabled via an option in the settings menu. In addition, the players' owned inventory items will be shown in the bracket.
  4. Deployable buy station will not get destroyed when coming in contact with the gas outside the zone.
  5. The font and color of the infill POIs have been updated to highlight the high-tier loot zones.
  6. In the fire sale event, the self-revive kits will now have a small associated price similar to other items. Loadout Drop markers will also get a discount.
  7. The out-of-bound timer has also been increased to 10 seconds from the previous 5 seconds.
  8. The duration time of on-screen hit markers has been reduced. This will allow players to react faster when they are fired upon.
  9. Players will now redeploy closer to their squads and loadouts when they return from Gulag or are repurchased via Buy Stations.

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