Call of Duty Warzone Season 4 map guide for Fortune's Keep

Call of Duty Warzone Fortune's Keep (Image Via Activision)
Call of Duty Warzone Fortune's Keep (Image Via Activision)

With the launch of Season 4 for Call of Duty Warzone and Vanguard, the playerbase will get its hands on tons of new content. From massive changes to the map of Caldera to the addition of a new vehicle, players will have a lot of material to enjoy.

The update also comes with the addition of four brand-new weapons for gamers to enjoy. Players are also advised to keep a lookout for two new events that are coming to the resurgence map.

However, the crown jewel is arguably the new Resurgence map called Fortune's Keep. Fortune's Keep is a new island map that is similar in size to Rebirth Island and will be sporting 40-player Resurgence gameplay.

According to the lore, the new map is based on the Mediterranean Sea and is a hideout for smugglers and mercenaries. It is a bustling island with medieval barracks of historical interest, a massive winery, and a quaint sloping village by the sea.

The map will not only play host to players but will also sport various hidden dangers along with mercenaries who occasionally try to extract gold from the island.


A guide to Call of Duty Fortune's Keep map

Matt Krystek, the Creative Director of High Moon Studios, had the following to say regarding the vision for the map:

"Our goal was to create a new ’Rebirth Island' sized map that featured Resurgence gameplay and provided diverse new locations to battle it out in."

He added by saying:

"We wanted to create an island that had a timeless feel that was as fun to explore as it was to shoot in."
Call of Duty Warzone Fortune's Keep (Image via Activision)
Call of Duty Warzone Fortune's Keep (Image via Activision)

Though the map has plenty of landmarks and areas, in Call of Duty Fortune's Keep, there are four main points of interest (POI). These include the 'Town' present on the map's western coast, 'Smuggler's Cove' along the southern coast, 'Winery' along the eastern side, and the 'Keep' on the northern edge from which the map gets its name. Here's a look at the four major POIs on the map.


Town in Call of Duty Warzone Fortune's Keep (Image via Activision)
Town in Call of Duty Warzone Fortune's Keep (Image via Activision)

Town is present along the western coast of the Call of Duty map. It is a densely packed area with lots of closely placed apartment buildings. The town also has an old belltower, bars, restaurants, a pier, a gazebo, and a graveyard on its north-eastern side. This will be a zone of fast-paced, high-intensity close-quarter battles.

The POI has a lot of avenues for quick movement and flanking gameplay. Elite players will be able to parkour on the rooftops and reposition quickly. They will have to be on the lookout for campers and snipers from both the Belltower and the Keep. The graveyard might be empty at the moment, but it has been hinted at as being home for the undead in the latter part of the season.

Smuggler's Cove

Smuggler's Cove in Call of Duty Warzone Fortune's Keep (Image via Activision)
Smuggler's Cove in Call of Duty Warzone Fortune's Keep (Image via Activision)

Along the southern coast of the map, we have Smuggler's Cove. The Cove has a network of confusing subterranean sea caves filled with treasure. Other than the seaside entrance, the Cove also has several cavernous holes on the surface through which players will directly be able to drop down to the sea caves.

Call of Duty players will also be able to pilot a helicopter through these holes on the surface. Aside from these entrances, the Cove is filled with numerous two-dimensional cave routes, which will give players the option of taking secluded routes around their enemies.

The Cove also has a lighthouse near the Winery. This nautical building will allow for potential counterplays against enemies who could be coming from the northern Keep. This will be an interesting spot to camp with long-range weapons. The vertical holes might be a good ambush spot in the subterranean sea caves.

The Cove will have plenty of ladders and a redeploy balloon for quick repositioning. Sea caves have also been known to have plenty of gas masks lying around. However, it will also have the map's highest density of explosive gas canisters.

The POI will also have an Occupation Scan device in the radio tower. Thus, strategic placements of gas canisters combined with the Occupation Scan will create excellent avenues for ambush-style gameplay. If the circle is closing in, Call of Duty players are recommended to keep a lookout for arrows on the cave walls that will point towards the nearest exit.


Winery in Call of Duty Warzone Fortune's Keep (Image via Activision)
Winery in Call of Duty Warzone Fortune's Keep (Image via Activision)

The Winery, located on the eastern side of the Fortune's Keep map, is the least structure-dense area of Fortune's Keep. The area includes a bay on the northern side and a military camp along the eastern border of the map.

The open areas of this POI will be an excellent zone for long-distance gunfights. The bell tower, rooftops, and fermentation building will be great spots for players to camp with their sniper rifles. These locations provide a clear line of sight toward a large section of the map.

The Winery itself follows a three-lane style of building construction. This means that several large structures are interconnected with hallways and a courtyard in the middle. These hallways will be zones of intense close-to-mid-range gunfights. The courtyard is to be avoided by players if they don't want to get simultaneously ambushed from multiple directions.

The cellar will be the zone for close-quarter combat in this POI. There have also been rumors that the cellar will host haunted secrets later in the season.


Keep in Call of Duty Warzone Fortune's Keep (Image via Activision)
Keep in Call of Duty Warzone Fortune's Keep (Image via Activision)

The map of Fortune's Keep gets its name from the grand medieval landmark that is present on the northern side of the map. This will be the most heavily contested area on the map. The grand structure has a grand banquet hall, plenty of parapets, ramparts, numerous hallways, watchtowers, and a central courtyard.

The long hallways will be hotbeds for mid-range gunfights, whereas the banquet hall will serve as the perfect ambush position. The courtyard should be an "avoid at all costs" spot for late squads as they are likely to be fired upon from multiple angles at higher elevations.

The watchtowers are bound to become the favorite camping spot for those squads who prefer to hold down a position. While the keep has a front entrance, multiple smuggler's passageways to infiltrate or exfiltrate the structure are also present. These tunnels will be locations of intense close-quarter battles.

Any squad able to dominate the keep in the early game will have a huge lead for the rest of the game, as the keep has been said to contain huge amounts of riches.

Other new additions


Fortune's Keep will also play host to two brand new events. The Black Market Supply Run Contract will drop a Black Market Buy Station, potentially containing a tide-turning item for sale. Once activated, players will have to search for a yellow circle with an infinite-snake mark.

As players get closer to the Buy Station, the yellow circle will get smaller (similar to bounty contracts). The Buy Station will be black and gold in color. Players are advised to have plenty of cash when they visit the Black Market Buy Station, as the price of the items is significantly higher than regular Buy Station items.

Call of Duty players should also keep an eye out for the Cash Extraction event. This is a public event that might happen multiple times on a standard Fortune's Keep Resurgence game. In this event, NPC mercenaries will try to perform cash extraction using a helicopter.

The tac map will show a flashing gold circle with a money bag icon when the event starts. This event is quite similar to the Contraband Contract, where a squad of non-Operative mercenaries will be guarding the money bags that are to be extracted by helicopter.

Players will have to kill these mercenaries to plunder the bags to get cash, ammo, armor, and equipment. The squad will also have to be on the lookout for multiple mercenary reinforcement waves and other players who will try to snatch their hard-earned loot.

The event ends when the bag is empty, the helicopter gets destroyed, or enough time passes. Call of Duty players are advised to perform a cash extraction event first to make the most out of the Black Market Supply run contract.

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