New zombie events in Warzone Season 4 reloaded: How to play, rewards, and more

Season 4 reloaded is re-adding one of the game's most memorable features (Image via Activision)
Season 4 reloaded is re-adding one of the game's most memorable features (Image via Activision)

Call of Duty Warzone's Season 4 reloaded update is on the horizon. With a bunch of new content, events, and LTMs, this mid-season blast has already made fans clamor.

Raven recently released a patch note for all the content dropping next week. Fans will be excited to learn that zombies are back in the game and, for the first time, on two different maps simultaneously.

Warzone Zombies have been fan-favorites since their introduction in Haunting of Verdansk. This is the first time since Warzone Pacific that the 'walking dead' have been featured in a big event.

Zombies will be on Rebirth Island and Fortune's Keep in Warzone Season 4 reloaded

Since World at War in 2009, these pesky monsters have been an important part of the Call of Duty franchise. So it is no surprise that the most popular section, Warzone, will feature them multiple times. This time, they will be found on fan-favorite Rebirth island and the new map Fortune's Keep.

Rebirth of the Dead

The mode will have a playlist similar to Beenox's Zombie Royale, where dead players will return as zombies and regain their human selves. They need to collect all four antivirals.

  • Lone antivirals are available in random crates or buy stations. So, players need to scavenge the map as a zombie.
  • Players can also obtain two antivirals at once by killing an Operator.
  • If a player can perform a finishing move on any operator as a zombie, they'll immediately redeploy as a human being. Players will also obtain the animated "Head Scratcher" Calling Card if they complete the process.

At the start of the match, there will be an Infestation Meter. This meter will measure the amount of zombies on the map. If it is filled, which means all zombies are eliminated, the spectators in the game will return as zombies.

Players who win a Rebirth of the Dead match will gain the "Last Alive" animated Calling Card.

Fortune's Keep: Cursed Ground Public event

Fortune's Keep cursed ground (Image via Activision)
Fortune's Keep cursed ground (Image via Activision)

While the new map will not feature a traditional zombie event, this new mode will bring a significant amount of zombies to the game. Before the update, several "cursed chests" will be scattered around the island. These chests contain exclusive items that will help players gain an advantage.

However, the moment the event begins, the chests will be ready to open, but there is a price to pay. Zombies will spawn around all the crates and they'll protect the treasure. The closer a player gets, the harder the zombies are. The difficulty level will increase over time.

Previously, players have seen Easter eggs on the island, bringing zombies. However, this time it is a bit different. While it's not a traditional zombie event, the island will not be swamped by them as usual. The season 4 reloaded update for Warzone is set to drop on July 27.

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