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How to get Diamonds in Minecraft?

  • Minecraft is one of the best open-world games in the truest sense, allowing players to build anything they can think of.
  • Diamonds are some of the most sought-after resources in the game as they are extremely versatile and rare.
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Modified 07 Jun 2020, 19:08 IST
Finding Diamonds in Minecraft
Finding Diamonds in Minecraft

Minecraft might just be the biggest game of our generation, with it being one of the best-selling video games of all-time. Only conceding first place to the classic Tetris.

This seems to prove that video game players in general, have a fondness for geometric shapes and player freedom. Minecraft is simply an open-world game at its peak.

No other game can provide the level of freedom of imagination as Minecraft does. If you can think it, then you can build it in Minecraft.

Players, over the years, have built some of the most fantastic structures in Minecraft, even recreating entire blocks of their hometown neighborhood in the game.

From castles that could very well be in the 'Lord of The Rings' to modest shacks, Minecraft allows you to build anything you want.

How to Get Diamonds in Minecraft?

Diamonds, as Nina Simone famously sung 'are forever', and later re-iterated by Kanye West himself, are some of the most sought-after resources in Minecraft.

It is down to their versatile nature of being used for crafting diamond and netherite tools, weapons, and armor. It is one of the rarer materials that you can find in Minecraft. It takes skill and hard work to obtain it.


In order to get diamonds, players must descend down to the deepest levels of the underground (level 6-12 is the most common) in order to find diamonds.

They need to have a Diamond, iron or netherite pickaxe in order to mine diamonds. It is always advisable to bring multiple pickaxes as well as some food and a torch, to prevent mobs from spawning in your vicinity.

List of items you should have equipped:

  • Diamond, Iron or netherite Pickaxe (2 or more)
  • Food
  • Torch
  • Water Bucket
  • Crafting Tables
  • Furnance
  • Sword
  • Shovel
  • Armor

A pickaxe with a Fortunate attachment is advised as well to double or triple the amount of diamonds obtained.

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Published 07 Jun 2020, 19:08 IST
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