“It’s called a therapist” - Mizkif advises Mitch Jones to consult a therapist, instead of seeking help from Twitch chatters

Mitch Jones discusses his personal life on Mizkif stream (Image via Mitch Jones and Mizkif/Twitter)
Mitch Jones discusses his personal life on a Mizkif stream (Image via Mitch Jones and Mizkif/Twitter)

Twitch star Matthew "Mizkif" was joined by fellow content creator Mitch Jones during a recent livestream, with both personalities conversing on a wide range of subjects.

Mitch Jones spoke about his personal life and claimed he was left with two choices. It required him to either connect and play World of Warcraft with other content creators or relocate to Canada to host sponsored gambling streams.

Mizkif suggested that Mitch Jones consult a good therapist because he believed the streamer was venting and letting things out on the stream. The former stated:

"You should not get it through Twitch chat, bro. You do, it's called a therapist. You should not be... don't throw all this stuff on streams. You just need a therapist. The problem is that you've not found a good therapist."

Mizkif provides a piece of advice to Mitch Jones on stream

Mitch Jones resumed livestreaming after a month's absence. He hosted an hour-long Just Chatting stream on his alternate Twitch account, watchmeblink, on August 24.

The next day, fans were delighted to see him get together with Mizkif. Mitch Jones took the opportunity to talk about his personal life and said:

"This is one of my last chances. Right? It's like, what else is there? I can go to f***ing Canada and get a gambling deal. Like, what else is there? Right? Those are my options is stream WoW (World of Warcraft) with Esfand and/or just go full degen gamble by myself. You know, and that doesn't sound very good. Right? So it's like, those are my options!"

He added:

"It's like, I can't f**k this up! Like, I really want to be better, not only for me, but for like, cared about me, or whatever the f**k. Like, it's like, I know I'm a f**k up, chat. Like, I know, and it doesn't make me feel good to say that. But I know that. It's like everyone else in my position, and in my situation would've done so much more, and instead, I p**sed it away into the bottles, or whatever the f**k."

The Austin, Texas-based content creator stated that he wanted to get better and fix his situation:

"And it's like, it is what it is, and I have to live with that, and it sucks. But it's like, I want to fix it. You know what I mean? I really want to fix that s**t, and I'm going to try! And I think working out is like, maybe going to be the be-all, end-all for me."

Timestamp: 00:55:39

Mizkif agreed with Mitch Jones' notion of working out and suggested that the streamer was in need of a skilled therapist:

"I mean, it definitely helps. I seriously think, though, Mitch, with all this stuff, you got to get like a good therapist or something. I think you are someone who's very big on Twitch, talking about things, and..."

The Twitch icon believed that Mitch's appearance on stream to discuss his personal life equated to him venting. Mizkif stated that the latter constantly looking at his Twitch chat to get their perspective and opinions was "not healthy":

"I think; here's the thing, when you talk about stuff like this on my stream, I think it's you venting, and letting things out, which is good. But I think, the whole time you're still looking at chat, you're trying to see their perspective, you're trying to get their views. It's not healthy."

Mitch Jones replied:

"Well, of course! It helps to... you don't think it's healthy to like, get other people's opinions and s**t? Especially when... look, one of the best things you can do, I feel, is talk to people that are like going through the same s**t. I don't have anyone else!"

Mizkif disagreed with Mitch's statement of seeking approval from Twitch chat and suggested that the World of Warcraft gamer see a therapist who understood the Twitch space:

"You need someone that understands the Twitch space, understands its... you know?"

Fans react to Mizkif and Mitch Jones' conversation

Fans on r/LivestreamFail agreed with what Mizkif had to say and suggested Mitch Jones get professional help. Here are some of the most relevant fan reactions:

A few minutes later, Mizkif and Mitch Jones discussed a proposal for the latter to attend a therapy session four times a month.

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