New Apex Legends bug allows players to farm 300 EVO for free

Apex Legends Bug
Explosive hold in King's Canyon (Image via Electronic Arts)

A new Apex Legends bug in King’s Canyon lets players farm 300 EVO points for free. In a recent X post by @IloveMarii, the community witnessed that small bug and it helped them farm EVO points by opening an explosive hold with grenades from their inventory. Usually, upon opening the explosive hold, players acquire 150 EVO points each, but this bug lets them farm 300 EVO points each.

Following the advent of Season 21, the community has seen several small and big game-breaking bugs that led to a poor gameplay experience. However, this is something players could look forward to benefiting from until the developers fix it.

Read on to learn more about this new Apex Legends bug.

New Apex Legends bug gives 300 EVO for opening Explosive holds in Kings Canyon

In the clip above, both players opened the explosive hold at the same time from both ends by planting grenades from their inventory. This lets them get 300 EVO each, helping to acquire a blue shield. However, players worldwide must remember this bug is exclusive to the King’s Canyon map.

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Here are the steps one can take to utilize this Apex Legends bug:

  • Find an explosive hold to open.
  • Ensure both you and your teammate have grenades in their inventory.
  • After finding the hold, communicate with your squadmate and perform the grenade hold animation at the same time.

By following this method, both can acquire 300 free EVO points. However, as more people become aware of this bug, they are likely to exploit this in King’s Canyon. That said, the developers will likely fix the bug promptly.

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