"Why would you do that?": Pokimane left stunned after watching the flying Tesla stunt viral video

Pokimane reacting to a viral video on YouTube (Images via Pokimane/Twitch)
Pokimane reacting to a viral video on YouTube (Images via Pokimane/Twitch)
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Imane "Pokimane" was left shocked after a viewer in her chat recommended watching one of the trending and viral videos floating around different social media platforms.

The video in the talks was a ten-minute-long vlog that featured a couple of people attempting to make the electric Tesla car fly on the public streets. Alex Choi, a YouTuber, organized a Tesla drive where people with fancy and modified Teslas attended.

One of the highlights of the video was Alex Choi making a black Tesla Model S zoom through the streets of Los Angeles to make the car jump from a steep road. Questioning these dangerous actions, the content creator said:

"Wait, why are they doing that? Why would you do that? Is that on purpose?"

Pokimane reacts to Alex Choi's viral flying Tesla video and is not happy with it

Timestamp for the VOD: 01:42:35

The Twitch star had been streaming for about an hour and a half, where she planned to revamp her streaming setup and wanted to unbox a few things in front of her fans. Soon enough, she got back to her regular stream and interacted with the audience, who recommended some entertaining videos to watch.

One such video was a viral Alex Choi vlog which garnered more than a million views two days into its initial premiere. Wanting to see the craze behind the video, Poki loaded it up and began to watch it.

Almost instantly, the streamer seemed a bit stunned hearing the loud crashing noise the car made after it landed during the introduction of the video. Skimming past the video and watching the important highlights, the content creator mentioned:

"I am serious, it looks so silly, I dont know why you would do it on purpose. Not only that, I can imagine if you're you know, driving a drone or you're just controlling a little car, you're in that b**ch."

Citing her concerns, she continued:

"You're putting your own body at risk for the views. Wicked!"

A viewer of her chat compared this stunt to another well-known YouTuber, David Dobrik. Answering the viewer's comparison, Pokimane said:

"I don't know if David Dobrik is the pinnacle of safety and consideration. So, I dont know which point is with that one. No shade to him obviously, he's made a lot of cool content for a lot of people, but I still don't agree with doing things like this! Does nobody get hurt?"

Seeing how the Tesla flew in the video, Pokimane laughed and mentioned that it was a bit funny. Talking to her fans regarding the Tesla in the video as a rental car, a viewer in her chat mentioned that there was a cat in the car. The streamer took on a serious tone and said:

"Hold up, sorry, what? Sorry, they did what? Sorry they had a? Listen, car cruelty, whatever, you own it piece of metal. Okay. Human cruelty like, being such an idiot that you hurt yourself? Okay, maybe don’t do that. You have a cat in the car and you fly in the car? Too far. Animal cruelty, too far. Cat didn’t ask to be involved in your tomfoolery. If you're going to tomfoolery, at least do it on your own. What if you crash and the cat's there bro?"

In concluding remarks, Pokimane mentioned that cats have a better chance of surviving than humans driving and performing stunts around:

"The cat would actually probably survive more likely than the humans you. You know they got so many lives. But still, that cat was just trying to live its life, you know? Eat some tuna, sleep in the sun. Sticking it in the car and endangering one of its nine lives. Nah."

Fans react to Pokimane slamming the flying Tesla viral video

Fans and audiences in the streamer's Twitch chat agreed with everything the streamer mentioned. Some even gave more context for the video, saying that there were three people and one stray cat sitting in the flying car.

Fans react to the streamer's opinions regarding the viral video (Images via Pokimane/Twitch chat)
Fans react to the streamer's opinions regarding the viral video (Images via Pokimane/Twitch chat)

Many viewers were angry at the vlog-maker's antics and were against his action of putting a stray cat in danger. Due to the massive outreach the video gained in a short period, Los Angeles police had to step in and look for the driver who made the car jump in such a dangerous fashion.

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