PUBG Mobile 1.5 update Patch Notes: New Mission Ignition mode, MG3 LMG, Royale Pass changes, and more

1.5 update of PUBG Mobile is just around the corner (Image via PUBG Mobile / Facebook)
1.5 update of PUBG Mobile is just around the corner (Image via PUBG Mobile / Facebook)
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PUBG Mobile 1.5 update is set to be released tomorrow, and the players are pretty excited about what the developers have planned for them. Its size is 1 GB for Android devices, while the iOS version needs 1.64 GB.

Patch notes for the new PUBG Mobile update have been revealed, and players can now glance at all the new features, including a game mode, content related to the PUBG Mobile x Tesla collaboration, a weapon, and more.

PUBG Mobile 1.5 version patch notes

PUBG Mobile 1.5 update will start rolling out on July 9th. For updating the game between July 9th and July 16th, players will be receiving the following rewards:

  1. 2,888 BP
  2. 100 AG
  3. Victorian Maiden Backpack (3d) ร—1.

Patch notes for PUBG Mobile 1.5 update:

New Game Mode - Mission Ignition (July 9th - September 6th)

DynaHex, a technology an energy company, is bringing changes to the classic Erangel map of PUBG Mobile. Several transformations have taken place, and the mode can be accessed from the EvoGround. Rating Points can be gained from this mode.

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6 locations have been revolutionized

  • Pochinki - Transit Center
  • Georgopol - Port of Georgopol
  • School - Tech Center
  • Military Base - Security Center
  • Yasnaya Polyana - Logistics Agency
  • Mylta Power - Energy Center

Special Gameplay Systems in Mission Ignition

  • Dynamic Elements
  • HyperLines
  • Air Conveyor

Unique Firearms and Attachments in Mission Ignition

  • New Firearm: ASM Abakan
  • Ergonomic Grip
  • Muzzle Brake
  • Drum Magazine

Unique Vehicles and Items in Mission Ignition

  • Anti-gravity Motorcycle
  • Tactical Marking Device
  • Riot Shield

Unique Features and other content of Mission Ignition

  • Spawn Island Holographic Display
  • Jump Marker
  • Auto-Parachute
  • Flight animations for missiles before they explode in the air.
  • An indicator feature that would approximate the location of grenades before they explore near the players.

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PUBG Mobile x Tesla Collaboration (July 9th - September 6th)

Mission Ignition game mode will feature exclusive content around PUBG Mobile x Tesla. This would include the following:

  • Tesla Gigafactory (Upon activating all the switches on the supply line, players would be able to build a particular Tesla vehicle - Model Y.)
  • Model Y + Self-driving (Self-driving cars with an autopilot that the players can toggle on to reach the location of the pre-set markers on the highway.)
  • Tesla Semi (Self-driving vehicles which would drop supply crates after the players deal damage to it.)

New Firearm and improvements

New gun: MG3

The MG3 Light Machine Gun uses 7.62mm rounds and has a unique firing mode, with the option to adjust its rate of fire at 660 or 990 rounds per minute. This weapon only spawns in airdrops.


  • Adjustments to the M249
  • Rate of Fire Compensation System
  • 3rd Person Camera Perspective Settings
  • New Glass Windows
  • Default Control Logic Improvements
  • Team Deathmatch - Hangar Improvements
  • Adjustments to EvoGround - Payload 2.0
  • New Quick Wheel
  • New Throwable Consumables
  • New Victory Statue
  • New Victory Snaps
  • New Remaining Ammo Indicator
  • New Death Replay Data Display
  • Customized Firearm Settings
  • Specialized Firearm Sensitivity Customizations
  • New Teammate Engaging Notifications

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Royale Pass changes

  • Royale Pass duration is now one month, and two RPs will be released one after another in each version of the game.
  • Royale Pass Month 1: Tek Era (July 14th - August 12th)
  • Royale Pass Month 2: Project T (August 13th - September 13th)
  • Prices for the ordinary RP and Elite RP have been adjusted to 360 UC and 960 UC, respectively
  • Without changing the quality of rewards, changed the maximum rank to 50
  • Apart from this, there are extra rewards, mission adjustments, events, and other adjustments to the Royale Pass.


  • Clan Battle has been incorporated, in which clans of a similar type and activity face off against each other in a 14-day battle.
  • Members can complete Clan Battle missions to receive daily base rewards and Clash Points.
  • The clan with the most base rewards wins the Clan Battle.

Other content

  • Ray is here! (keep the players updated on all important stuff)
  • New Achievements
  • RP Gift
  • Club

Game performance and improvements

  • Basic Performance Improvements
  • Security Zone Improvements
  • Security Improvements
  • All-Talent Championship Improvements
  • Feature Improvements
  • System Improvements

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Cycle Season 1

Challenge Point System

  • A Challenge Point system evaluates players' performance in matches without changing the original point-scoring rules.
  • Bonus points are obtained if players don't quit the match, go AFK or eliminate their teammates.
  • Challenge Points don't carry over to other seasons.
  • It cannot be collected after the maximum amount has been reached.

Tier icon improvements

  • The display of tier icons has been updated.
  • Tier upgrade effects have improved.

Season screen updates

  • Altered the info available on the season screen.
  • Reward growth lines and progress of friends added.
  • Changed how the rewards are presented.
  • Reward details screen updated.

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Season reward improvements

  • Silver tier rewards added.
  • Rewards for the Ace tier were added after the subdivision of the tier.
  • The number of rewards for mini tiers has been increased.


  • Subdivided into specific tiers.
  • Subdivided tiers now have rewards and share options.


  • A cycle will be formed by combining several seasons
  • A cycle reward system has been implemented that rewards players who collect all badges of the same level in the same cycle.
  • The display of the badge system screen and other screens have been improved.

Players must note that matchmaking with the older version doesn't support that of the newer version. Therefore, it is recommended that they download the PUBG Mobile update once it has been made available.

Users can tap here to read the complete patch notes for the new PUBG Mobile 1.5 update.

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