Warzone 2 fans on reddit are furious as reload mechanics blocks looting

Warzone 2 is available to download right now (Image via Activision)
Warzone 2 is available to download right now (Image via Activision)

Call of Duty Warzone 2 players are getting frustrated as some of them are facing issues while picking up weapons in-game.

Compared to Warzone, the new iteration of the battle royale has brought many changes and the looting mechanism is one of them. From the get-go, the new Backpack looting mechanism wasn't well received by a large part of the community. However, the game justified the true essence of the battle royale genre for some.

Although the new system's pros and cons are debatable, it is never satisfying if you can't pick up your weapons from a dead body in-game while reloading. On a Reddit thread, u/fahds2 posted a video that showcased this new restriction and this article will focus on what the community has to say about it.

Warzone 2 player dies in-game due to the new looting mechanism

In the video, the player kills an opponent by using their RAPP H LMG. Compared to other weapons, the LMG has a large magazine and it takes more time to reload the gun.

Since Warzone 2 does not have a reload cancelation mechanism like its predecessor, it is difficult to reload a weapon like this if a foe comes your way. Hence, the player tried to take a weapon from the dead body in-game but they were unable to do so.

With the newly introduced looting mechanism, the swift and smooth system in the previous iteration is completely gone. A Redditor named cpnnnn expressed their frustration as the franchise is leaning towards slower-paced gameplay than before.

Another fan named HyperAorus raised the issue that the game has removed the much-discussed skill gap. While the topic is debatable, some parts of the community are not happy with the current state of Warzone 2.

Fans have also expressed their disappointment as the new looting mechanism makes your ammo drop if you accidentally pick up a weapon. In Warzone, players can store a certain amount of ammo for each kind of weapon. However, with the recent Backpack system, that mechanism has been limited to an extent.

According to some, not letting players pick up a weapon is some kind of a bug that is bound to be fixed by the developers at some point. They also criticized the complaint against the removal of the skill gap by some fans.

It hasn't been a month since Warzone 2 has released. At this early stage, there will be a lot of things that will be unable to make everyone happy. However, fans can hope that the developers will bring change to deliver a more enjoyable experience to everyone in the community in the near future.

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