"You will never be a successful streamer by acting like that" - Facebook Gaming streamer goes viral after raging during Apex Legends broadcast

Facebook streamer xFactor went viral after raging during an Apex Legends livestream (Image via GUARD Hunter/Twitter)
Facebook streamer xFactor went viral after raging during an Apex Legends livestream (Image via GUARD Hunter/Twitter)

On February 16, 2023, Facebook Gaming streamer "Rivalxfactor," popularly known as "XFactor," went viral on Twitter. The clip, which featured his Apex Legends livestream, showed the content creator expressing his displeasure with people who seemingly failed to communicate in the fast-paced battle royale.

XFactor expressed his thoughts on streamers who "don't talk, don't use comms, and don't listen" to the team's "hard carry," and went on to say that it was "so hard" to play with them. He then claimed that "99% of them are brain-dead."

XFactor's rant continued, as he stated:

"Use a mic! That type of streamer, in general, we see them all the time, this isn't unique to that person or those two people, are a cancer! You will never be a successful streamer, ever, by acting like that! Ever! Ever!"

"You're a stain to society and you should feel bad" - XFactor goes off on streamers during his Apex Legends broadcast

At the 01:57-minute mark of the Twitter clip, XFactor shared some strong opinions about content creators:

"You're a stain to society and you should feel bad."

He then noticed a chatter stating that they had real-life jobs. XFactor responded by stating that he lived in a 7,500-square-foot house and boasted about his neighborhood. The Facebook Gaming personality added that viewers shouldn't compare themselves to him:

"Dude, I live in a 7,500-square-foot house. You f***king idiot. My neighbor is a cardiothoracic surgeon. Here, that's a 40,000-gallon saltwater pool. 4K night-vision cameras. My other neighbor is a founding member that built a house for (unrecognizable), who recently moved and we got some Australians in there. Don't you dare compare yourself to me!"

XFactor went on to say that he earns more in a week than they do in six months. He stated that making such a comparison was "gross:"

"I make more than a week than you probably make in f***king six months! Holy f**k, you think you're on my level? The fact that you even think it even compares, that's just gross! Why don't you ask what I drive, Dante? My boat's worth more than your house! Actually, I have two boats. My boats are probably worth more than your cars and houses, combined."

The three-minute clip concluded with the streamer saying:

"You will never grow your brand. You will never grow your standing. You will never grow anything, ever! And to come in here and try to, 'Just pubs (public games), bro!' That is what f***king s***ters say!"

XFactor responds after going viral for his controversial take

On the same day, XFactor took to Twitter to issue a statement after his controversial take went viral. He shared his side of the story, claiming that the Apex Legends duo-queue streamer that he encountered "alienated others."

He mentioned seeing "several community members," including the aforementioned content creator, appear in his chat and start talking "s**t." He then stated:

"Moral of the story is if you are a streamer try to interact with others or duo Q. Why alienate a third? Isn't it about building a brand and telling a story? Of course, you aren't forced to but the amount of TTV's/FB/YT streamers/gamers that either split drop, rage quit or don't interact is INSANE these days."

The social media address concluded with XFactor warning people not to enter the chat room to "stir s**t up," or else there will be "no holds barred:"

Lastly, and more important part is don't come to said streamers chat and stir s**t up and have members bug and harass not only me but my community. No holds are barred then. You are gonna get a mouth full, the biggest flex you've ever seen, and then some. That is how it works."
XFactor's address on the social media platform (Image via Twitter)
XFactor's address on the social media platform (Image via Twitter)

Online community reacts to XFactor's clip

Esports personality GUARD Hunter's tweet received plenty of attention, with over 55 community members reacting to it. Here's what the online community had to say:

XFactor is primarily an Apex Legends content creator with over 288k followers on his Facebook Gaming channel. Additionally, he has a presence on Twitch, where he actively livestreamed from 2016 to 2018. He currently has 108,601 followers on the Amazon-owned platform.