Remnant 2 Hunter Archetype guide: Traits, skills, and perks

I see you. (Credit: Gunfire Games)
Remnant 2 Hunter Archetype guide (Image via Gunfire Games)

The Hunter Archetype in Remnant 2 is perfect for players who prefer to take out enemies from a distance. This character is one of the upcoming sequel’s heavy hitters, as it can chunk off a huge piece of an enemy’s life points, making it easier for a player and the rest of the team to carry on with their in-game tasks. Like other Archetypes in the game, the Hunter also has some unique abilities, which we will focus on.

To that end, let's examine the Hunter’s traits and perks, including how it can be effectively used to face the worst the Apocalypse offers.

Hunter Archetype Prime Perks, skills, and traits in Remnant 2

They’ll never know what hit them

Scanning for weaknesses (Image via Gunfire Games)
Scanning for weaknesses (Image via Gunfire Games)

As mentioned, the Hunter's forte is eliminating enemies from afar. Its gunplay is precision-based as it scans enemies’ weak points before inflicting massive damage.

Its Prime Perk, Dead to Rights, allows the Hunter’s skills to last for an extended period of time (3.5 seconds), provided that these skills can continuously land on an enemy’s weak points. This Prime Perk also inflicts a base ranged weak spot damage of 55.

Other Perks of this Remnant 2 Archetype include the following:

Intuition: This perk in Remnant 2 extends the duration of any of the Hunter’s active skills by 10 seconds, provided you have the Relic for this perk. In line with this, weak spot kills from marked baddies speeds up your next usage of the Relic within 15 seconds by five percent, not to mention that this is stackable up to 10 times.

Return to Sender: You will get a 50% increase in ammo drops through eliminations from critical hits and weak spots. There’s also a chance for that ammo drop to be doubled.

Deadeye: Your ranged, weak spot, and ranged critical chance will be increased by 40%, 15%, and five percent, respectively. The higher the Archetype's level, the larger the damage bonuses.

Urgency: After successfully eliminating an enemy, you get a 15% increase in your movement and reload speeds. Keep in mind, though, that this only lasts for five seconds.

That’s gonna leave a mark


The Hunter's skills in Remnant 2 include:

Mark: The Archetype can locate baddies even through walls. The team's chances to inflict a critical hit will also be increased by 15% on marked enemies.

Hunter’s Mark: This skill heightens spatial awareness by casting an Aura that instantly marks all enemies within 35 meters. During this phase, you will also receive a 15% melee and ranged damage bonus lasting 25 seconds.

Hunter’s Focus: Similar to Hunter’s Mark, this, too, heightens the Archetype’s senses which causes an enemy for 0.01 seconds to apply Mark. The skill also causes it to delve into a Focused state provided that it is aiming down sight without interruption and not shooting for a second.

During this Focused phase, it reduces sway, recoil, and weapon spread by 75%. It also provides a 10% increase in ranged critical chance and a 25% bonus on both ranged and ranged weak spot damage.

Hunter's Shroud: As the name suggests, the Archetype becomes shrouded as this lessens enemies’ awareness, not to mention making them difficult to hit while on the move. However, it will exit its shroud phase in the event that a skill/mod gets activated or it launches an attack.

After exiting the shroud, it will apply Mark to all enemies within 10 meters alongside Ambush for two seconds. As for the latter, it gives off a 50% bonus on both melee and ranged damage. It also applies Mark whenever enemies are attacked. Bear in mind, though, that this subsides over its duration.

As for this Archetype’s trait in Remnant 2, it has Longshot, which increases the weapon’s range, allowing it to perform its perks further than usual. Level one gives off 60 cm to the range of the weapon. This can go up to level 10, where it gets 600 cm.

That sums up the Hunter in Remnant 2. Check out Sportskeeda for more gaming updates, tips, tricks, and walkthroughs.

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