The best moveset for Talonflame in Pokemon GO

Image Via Niantic
Image Via Niantic
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Talonflame was added to Pokemon GO in late 2020, when the Kalos region made a debut in the mobile game.

Since then, Talonflame has had its own community day and has appeared all over the wild. Now, Talonflame has climbed to the top of the Pokemon GO battle league, and its moveset makes it a great option.

One of the first aspects of Talonflame that makes it a viable pick is the typing on the Pokemon. Talonflame is a dual-type Flying and Fire Pokemon, which is the same as Charizard. Both of them are fantastic picks for a Pokemon GO battle team, but the available moves set Talonflame apart, and even make it a counter to Charizard.

The best moveset for Talonflame in Pokemon GO


Depending on when players caught Fletchling and evolved the Pokemon into Talonflame, the available moves will change. Anyone that caught and evolved Fletchinder during the recent community day automatically has the Incinerate fast attack. It's a good fast attack to utilize, but luckily, it's still not the best option.

Fire Spin is the fast attack that Pokemon GO players should utilize on Talonflame. It's similar to Incinerate, but it has a slightly higher damage per second, and more energy per second gained. Incinerate isn't a bad second option, but it will require an Elite Fast TM for anyone that doesn't already have it.

For the charged attack, Brave Bird is the best option by far. Brave Bird is exactly what separates Talonflame from a Pokemon like Charizard. Both of them can hit each other with Fire-type attacks all day, but Talonflame will take Charizard out instantly with one charge. Brave Bird also has the ability to take out Pokemon like Gyarados and Togekiss, which is a dangerous pick in the Pokemon GO battle league.

To make Talonflame even more versatile, players should get a second charge attack. Flame Charge should be used over Fire Blase due to the charge up times. Technically, Fire Blast does far more damage, but Brave Bird already takes a bit to charge up. Instead, Flame Charge should be used as a shield burner and as a way to trick opponents when going up against a pick like Charizard.

Keep in mind that it will be harder to use Talonflame in Pokemon GO battle league at Ultra League or higher without XL candies. The XL candies are needed to get Talonflame to a competitive CP.

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