The most ruthless biomes in Valheim and how to survive them

Everything to know about biomes in Valheim (Image via Iron Gate Studios)
Everything to know about biomes in Valheim (Image via Iron Gate Studios)

Valheim features a total of six developed biomes for players to explore, with various others currently being developed.

A player-friendly feature that has been implemented by the developers at Iron Gate Studios for Valheim is that all the biomes that are currently being developed have a specific region reserved for them on the map. This has been done to allow players to continue their saved games even after new biomes are released in Valheim.

Considering all the dangers that players run into from the very beginning of the game, it is advised that players are always equipped with the best possible armor and weapon that is available in their inventory.

Apart from that, players should also try and upgrade their in-game abilities and skills as much as they can. Additionally, players are also advised to scavenge and harvest as much of an ore as possible after they gain access to it.

The following is a complete rundown of all the biomes in Valheim, as well as how players can survive against specific threats.

How to survive the most ruthless biomes in Valheim

The list of all the developed biomes in Valheim as well as how to survive each of them:

  • The Meadows - The biome where players start the game. It is comparatively simple to explore the meadows as a new player, with the most hostile creatures being low leveled. This is the ideal biome for players to learn about the mechanics of Valheim, as well as construct a base for their in-game character.
  • The Black Forest - Ideal biome for farming tin, copper, and various kinds of wood. Hostile creatures that spawn in this biome can be a bit harder to defeat than in the meadows. However, compared to the other biomes in Valheim, even this forest can be fairly simple for players with little experience of the game.
  • The Swamp - Arguably one of the most dangerous biomes in the game, the swamp is home to various dangers lurking around every corner. Surviving in the swamps will require a fair bit of experience as well as knowledge about the surroundings. The Sunken Crypts dungeon inside the swamp biome is rich with iron ore as well as an entire army of hostile creatures.
  • Mountain Biome - Apart from the wolves and drakes that try to attack the player, the climate of this biome can freeze players to their death. Players are advised to craft and equip the wolf armor before heading into this biome.
  • The Plains - Huge stretch of land filled with golden grass, the plains feature a warm climate with sunny weather. Players will run into the dangerous Fuling Clan in this biome. Fulings are dangerous creatures who drop black metal scraps after death. Players are advised to equip atleast bronze tier weapons before heading into battle against the Fulings.
  • Ocean Biome - A huge water body found off the coast in Valheim, the ocean biome is home to the Leviathans (living islands) and the Sea Serpents. Other than being able to mine for Chitin from the Leviathans, the sea sepents present a huge risk for players even when inside their boat. It is best to head towards a landmass to try and defeat the sea serpent instead of attempting to fight it in the ocean, or running away from it.

There are multiple other biomes, such as the Mistlands, Ashlands, Deep North, and the mysterious sandy biome, that the developers at Iron Gate Studios are working on.

All of these biomes are expected to arrive before Valheim has its full release and bids farewell to the early access status. It is also expected that each biome that comes to Valheim will be bringing its own set of threats and dangers for players to overcome.

Judging by the pattern of biomes that the community has witnessed in Valheim so far, it is safe to say that each biome to appear in the future will definitely be a lot more ruthless than the existing ones.

Nevertheless, until they are released in Valheim, all theories about upcoming biomes remain nothing but mere conjecture.

Edited by Nikhil Vinod
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