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Top 5 broken features in COD history 

(Image Credit: Activision)
(Image Credit: Activision)
Brandon Moore
Modified 20 Sep 2020, 01:51 IST
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Call of Duty is one of the most popular gaming franchises of all time. Everyone knows what COD is, whether they play it or not. It is the focus of competitive play, fun casual times, and even heavy criticism. No matter the situation, COD gets people talking.

Nothing makes players talk more, though, than broken things in COD. Broken features have been in every single game. Some are pretty ridiculous, but others are just down right embarrassing that they even made it into the game.

5 most broken COD features ever

#5 – Suppressed M9

COD: Modern Warfare 2 is one of the better entries in the franchise. Seeing Modern Warfare evolve with its sequels was really a treat. In MW2, the M9 was one of the best pistols in the game. It could shred through opponents if the player had a quick trigger finger. The weird thing, though, was the suppressed version.

In COD, a suppressed weapon means lower muzzle flash as well as gun sound. The weapon firing will not show up on the enemy radar. That wasn't the case with the suppressed M9. For some reason, the M9 with a suppressor would still show up on the enemy radar.


#4 – Division Prestige

Fans consider this COD feature broken, but really it is just kind of pointless. In COD: WW2, players were able to choose from custom classes as well as preset classes. These preset classes were known as divisions. They could be ranked up the more a player used that specific division's class.

Once it was leveled up all the way, players could choose to Prestige it. This is a common COD feature in order to reset levels and show off to your friends that you reached the top, possibly multiple times. The Division Prestige gave an unlockable weapon after the first Prestige. After that, though, players were given things like helmets and calling cards. It made absolutely no sense to Prestige the division more than once.

#3 – Akimbo Weapons


In COD, Akimbo weapons always seem to draw criticism. Some of the most broken weapons in COD history have been because of the Akimbo attachment. Akimbo is an attachment that allows players to wield two of the same weapon. Aiming down the sight is removed, leaving players with two weapons to hip fire.

Infamous Akimbo issues have come from the Model 1887 and more recently the .357 revolver in COD: Warzone. Putting the Akimbo attachment on some weapons makes them unstoppable. So unstoppable that the developers had to put out emergency patches in order to prevent the broken Akimbo weapons from being exploited.

#2 – Knife Lunge

Knife Lunge in Call of Duty should have never been a thing. Yes, in real life, people may decide to lunge forward when stabbing someone with a knife, but not like this. In COD, it was almost like a teleportation device for short distances. The idea most likely came from Halo, as players close enough with the Energy Sword could lunge forward for a shift kill.

In COD, though, it is supposed to be a realistic first-person shooter. Players would just run around with knives or sit around corners waiting for enemies to approach. From several feet away, they would lock on to the enemy and zoom at them like The Flash. Melee combat has its place, but Knife Lunge was over the top.


#1 – Jet Packs

Jet Packs are fun in games where jet packs should be used. COD is not one of those games. Advanced Warfare, Black Ops III, and Infinite Warfare all saw jet packs as an integral part of the game play. These COD games were meant to be futuristic. A lot of the weapons and equipment were brand new inventions that could potentially become a reality.

Jet Packs, alongside wall running, was just silly. Instead of having to enter a building to clear it out the old fashioned way, players could fly up to a balcony or window to pick off players. It made for a brand new style of COD, but the jet packs were uncontrollable at times.

Disclaimer: These broken COD features are the opinion of the writer and could differ from the opinions of others.

Published 20 Sep 2020, 01:51 IST
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