Top 5 Crystal Core farming locations in Genshin Impact

Image via gamewith
Image via gamewith
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Farming Crystal Core is a great way to get ahead in Genshin Impact.

The most important use of Crystal Core is to craft Condensed Resin. A player can only have up to five Condensed Resin at any given time, but that's nothing for players who farm bosses, domains, and the such all day. They'll burn through their Crystal Cores like it was nothing. Hence, there is a demand to know some of the good locations where one can farm these coveted Crystal Cores.

Typically, a player can acquire them through Crystalflies. In Mondstadt, players will find Anemo Crystalflies; in Liyue, they'll find Geo Crystalflies. The type of Crystalfly isn't important; what is important is that players try to farm up as many Crystalflies as possible, as they get a single Crystal Core from every individual Crystalfly.

Top five Crystal Core farming locations in Genshin Impact

#5 - Springvale

Image via gamewith
Image via gamewith

Springvale has several Anemo Crystalflies scattered about, which can seem daunting to players looking for them for the first time. However, once a player knows where they spawn, it's quite easy to add Springvale to a player's Mondstadt Crystal Core farming sessions.

A common trait that good Crystal Core farming locations tend to share is the fact that there are obstacles to prevent the Crystalflies from escaping easily. The numerous trees and buildings allow players to get the Crystalflies easily, which is more than can be said about some other locations.

#4 - Mt Tianheng

Image via Genshin Impact Wiki
Image via Genshin Impact Wiki

Mt Tianheng is a popular spot for Crystal Core farming as getting to it is quite easy. Genshin Impact players can teleport southwest of Mt Tianheng and glide Northwest to find several Geo Crystalflies to catch. The mountain can assist players in blocking off the Crystalflies, which should provide more than enough time for them to be collected.

As the Mt Tianheng location won't take players more than a minute to finish, it's strongly recommended to use this location somewhere in a player's farming schedule (most likely when they're in Liyue).

#3 - Mt Aozang

Image via Genshin Impact Wiki
Image via Genshin Impact Wiki

Although the player can't spawn directly on Mt Aozang (unless they have a Portable Waypoint), they can still spawn Northeast of it. What makes this choice more appealing is that the ideal teleport for this strategy also has some Crystalflies to collect immediately near it. Hence, Genshin Impact players can collect the few near the Teleport Waypoint, and go Southwest to the more populated area for easy Crystal Core farming.

If the player is arriving directly from this Teleport Waypoint, they should be able to collect most, if not all of the Geo Crystalflies in this general area.

#2 - Dawn Winery

Image via Genshin Impact Wiki
Image via Genshin Impact Wiki

Anemo Crystalflies are in abundance here, which already makes it a strong contender for Genshin Impact players to consider. Add in the fact that the myriad of obstacles (like crops) can block the Crystalflies from escaping for a while, and players should realize that the Dawn Winery location is a solid choice for farming.

Players at the beginning of the game can also more easily use this location compared to other locations in Genshin Impact. It's not uncommon for players to get all of Crystalflies in one go, making it a safe choice for Genshin Impact players looking to farm Crystal Cores.

#1 - Guyun Stone Forest

Image via Genshin Impact Wiki
Image via Genshin Impact Wiki

In terms of sheer accessibility, Guyun Stone Forest is the number one location for players to consider in Genshin Impact. It's immediately near the Geo Crystalflies, so players can just teleport in, collect some Crystal Core, and move on to another location.

The main problem with this location is that players can't capture all of the Geo Crystalflies easily. Given the open space of the location, it's not hard for them to escape, thus robbing the player of the opportunity to farm Crystal Cores.

Even if players might fail to collect all of the Crystal Cores, they can always try again later. For some Genshin Impact players, they only do Guyun Stone Forest and that's enough for them. After all, they can collect six Crystal Cores each time if they're skilled enough, which is more than enough for casual players.

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