Top 5 Minecraft Pocket Edition seeds for easy diamonds

Image via Kwebbelkop / YouTube
Image via Kwebbelkop / YouTube
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Diamonds in Minecraft are one of the most crucial resources that every player benefits from collecting and are used to create some of the game's best equipment.

Diamonds make the Minecraft world go round. They are used to create high-quality weapons, armor, and tools. These items then aid players in practically all aspects of their Minecraft adventure. For builders, a diamond pickaxe makes collecting resources and blocks faster and more efficient. For combatants, a set of diamond armor and a sword will make some of the toughest bosses and enemies far more manageable.

However, diamonds are typically tough to come by and players need to dedicate time towards locating them. To eliminate some of that guesswork, this article will be showcasing five seeds that help diamond enthusiasts find them.

Top 5 Minecraft Pocket Edition seeds for easy diamonds

#1 Ravine of Riches


In this seed, the Minecraft player spawns within walking distance of a ravine that is chockful of resources. All a player would need to do is quickly chop down a nearby tree and craft some starter wood equipment. Then descend into the ravine and start gathering some of the precious ore inside. Start with the available iron to upgrade to an iron pickaxe and all of the minerals in this ravine can be taken by the player.

Be careful not to fall into the lava, or all these resources may be lost once they have been collected.

Seed: -1000

#2 Diamonds at Spawn


This seed really makes it convenient for the Minecraft player by having diamonds right underground of spawn. The diamonds are in an accessible and guaranteed location. The player just needs to gear up enough to go and retrieve them.

There is also a nearby village that can offer initial equipment and resources. Once the player is geared up with those diamonds at spawn, there are plenty of adventures to be had in the Nether.

Seed: 1191211289

#3 Journey for Diamonds


This seed contains a ravine that is filled to the brim with diamonds and other ores, but it is a bit of a trek away from spawn. No matter what the Minecraft player decides to do here, there is a ravine that has guaranteed diamonds. A player could go here first to gear up or save it when they may be running low on diamonds.

Seed: 326418930

#4 Pillager Outpost, Village, & Diamonds


This seed spawns the Minecraft player right near a Pillage Outpost. An experienced or bold player could quickly brave this threat and gather all of the loot in the chest immediately after spawning into the world. Just a short walk from there is a village that also offers some gear.

Once those goodies are on the player's person, they can take the walk towards a ravine that is packed with ore. Here, a player can establish their base and get diamond mining.

Seed: 1575825677

#5 Diamonds in the Snow


With winter around the corner, this seed could be a perfect choice for starting a new Minecraft playthrough. Here, the player spawns into a beautiful winter biome that is very close to a ravine and mineshaft filled with diamonds.

Seed: -466505624

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