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Top 5 moments Minecraft streamers surprised their chat

Image via Minecraft
Image via Minecraft
Modified 14 Nov 2020, 09:29 IST
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Minecraft players are used to surprises, as the game tends always to have something unexpected ready for anyone taking the wrong step.

The five streamers mentioned below experienced exactly what Minecraft has in store for them. Ranging from falling through blocks to one of the oldest blunders on the internet, these clips are sure to either bring about some laughs or nostalgia.

All clips are sourced from Twitch, where gamers can catch these streamers playing their favorite games.

Top 5 moments Minecraft streamers surprised their viewers

#5 - Tyler1 forgets how to PvP

Almost all of Minecraft's players have experienced this at some point, getting spooked by combat and frantically slamming the wrong keys. It happens not just in this title but many others as well.

And Tyler1 started a battle during the eighth Minecraft Monday tournament by forgetting that his attack button was not right-clicking!


#4 - CallMeCarson's drastic drop

Number four brings out another clip from Minecraft Monday. Popular streamer and YouTuber CallMeCarson took a plunge into a gravel trap in the first Minecraft Monday and had to wait to fall through spiderwebs that had held the gravel up in the first place.

Viewers from all over the world chimed in to laugh at his horrific fate, leading to the crying Carson meme popularized in 2019.

#3 - Dream's quickest speedrunning mistake

Dream, an incredibly talented Minecraft speedrunner and YouTuber, made one fatal flaw just over a minute into his run. Deserts can be especially dangerous, with sand having gravity, and any sort of block update could lead to what happened to Dream above.


After breaking a dead shrub for the easy sticks, Dream found himself a new reason to dislike gravity, and his chat a new reason to laugh at him.

#2 - Lirik learns about Minecraft the hardcore way

Popular Twitch streamer Lirik, known mostly for his DayZ and Unturned streams from years back, tried his hand at hardcore Minecraft and learned that it's an unforgiving experience.

After setting up his furnaces to begin smelting some stone, a creeper came up from behind and ended his world right then and there. While the video is 15 minutes long, the clip of his tragic death is the first 26 seconds of the video.

To not end up like Lirik, check players can check out these five tips for hardcore Minecraft.


#1- James Charles falls for the internets most classic joke

We've all been there; somehow and some way, a random person on the internet says something along the lines of "Press alt and F4 to win instantly" or some absurdly similar line.

Of course, the only thing alt and F4 do in combination is close whichever window is currently in use, which, apparently, make-up icon and new streamer, James Charles, wasn't ready for.

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Published 14 Nov 2020, 09:29 IST
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