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Top 5 rarest Minecraft Pocket Edition seeds

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Minecraft Pocket Edition has a collection of seeds that contain rare and hard to find structures and biomes, that are actually within close proximity of where players spawn.

There are 4,294,967,296 possible seeds that can be discovered and explored in Minecraft Pocket Edition. With such a high number of seeds that can be generated, it makes logical sense that some of them would contain some unique features and rare structures.

The locations of villages, temples, and other structures can really impact the difficulty and enjoyment of a Minecraft player's gameplay. This article will be breaking down a collection of seeds, that have guaranteed rare structures with convenient accessibility for Minecraft players.

Top 5 rarest Minecraft Pocket Edition seeds

#1 Floating Island, Igloos, & Villages

Remember to pack a winter coat when getting ready to explore this seed. Here, an entire floating island can be found amdist a myriad of menacingly tall ice spikes. This could be a prime location to develop an entire floating winter fortress, or at the very least, a unique base.

Minecraft players who chose to explore this seed even further will be treated to igloos and villages. When searching these structures, make sure to be observant for hidden trapdoors and extra loot.

Seed: 1541592643


#2 Ocean Monument at Spawn

Within a moments swim from where the player spawns in-game, an Ocean Monument can be found beneath the waves. This can be very desirable for players, as sponges are only accessible by gathering from an Ocean Monument.

Before players explore this Ocean Monument for themselves for gold and sponges, it would be a good idea to brush up on the threats they will be faced with. Make sure to be prepared for the Elder Guardian, by carrying water breathing potions and the proper equipment.

Seed: -1436927780

#3 Zombie Village near Spawn

It is not every day that a Minecraft player runs across a Zombie Village, and that too in a Savannah biome at that. Zombie Villagers are not friendly, so players should be aware of that before trekking into the village near spawn.


Seed: -2051699104

#4 Temple in Village with a Mine

This seed can serve Minecraft players as a perfect starting point for their journey. With all of these structure clumped together, there is plenty of resources and equipment that can be acquired from the get go.

Choose to stay and develop this already mighty village into something greater, or plunder away and leave.

Seed: -1455702173

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#5 Ender Portal near Spawn

This seed is a speedrunner's delight, with quick and easy access right to an End Portal. Even players who take a more relaxed approach to their Minecraft gaming can still really appreciate this seed. Take the time to slowly progress through the game or rush to the end, all the while knowing exactly where the End Portal is.

Seed: 128388

Published 14 Nov 2020, 00:09 IST
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