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Top 5 Souls Like Game To Play In 2019

Hrithik Raj
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Hidetaka Miyazaki became famous for his Souls games. Demon Souls, Dark Souls series, Bloodborne and such games made Miyazaki one of the most famous game directors.

Many other developers have tried to opt the series core though only a few of them are successful.

Souls games have always been dear to us, a game whose crushing difficulty can make anyone drop the series.

A game which doesn't have a waypoint, not a direct explanation to the story, a series which can be called linear and non-linear at the same time, a series with no difficulty level to choose, still is the most difficult series of games.

Such game is a souls game, a challenging game which fills the body of the games with thrill and urges to play and complete the game.

Souls games have unique enemies, bosses, places and other elements. Souls games require a lot of grinding and enemy knowledge to beat the game.

There are only a few games which can even be compared to the souls series. We have prepared a list of games which are similar to the souls game. So, without any further ado, let's continue to our list-

#5 Ashen


Ashen is an artistic style role-playing game developed by the game studio A44. The game elements offered in Ashen is quite similar to that of a souls game. Ashen offers a different variety of enemies, Weapons, environments, bosses and more.


As far the story goes Ashen is set in a sunless world which tells the story of our main character seeking a home. Ashen offers open-world exploration, co-operation or competition with other players, and combat with in-world monsters.

Ashen is one of the best souls adaptations out there if you haven't played the game you should try it. Ashen offers its own unique elements where each and every action will affect the community you build in ashen.

#4 Nioh


Nioh is an action role-playing game developed by Team Ninja. Nioh can be said somewhat similar to Sekiro which also offers the Japanese Sengoku Period theme with samurai and all that.

Nioh is a fictional game which is based on real characters and stories from the past. Nioh offers a wide variety of weapons, blessings, magic arts, enemies, characters and more.

The game is full of Japanese history, Nioh offers one of the best stories we have ever got in a soul like game.

Nioh is a masterpiece game which you all should try if you haven't. It's also the best game in this entire list which adapts the soul's theme with its own uniqueness.

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