Top 5 tips to level up Adventure Rank quickly in Genshin Impact

Image via Aira Delasse (YouTube)
Image via Aira Delasse (YouTube)
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Leveling up one's Adventure Rank is crucial to enjoying Genshin Impact.

With a low Adventure Rank, players won't be able to enjoy all of the great pieces of content in Genshin Impact. By comparison, a higher Adventure Rank allows players to upgrade their World Level, as well as giving the player a ton of free items. As of right now, Adventure Rank goes up to Rank 60 and the World Level goes up to eight.

If a player is completely stumped on how to progress their Adventure Rank further, then this guide should help them. Predictably, this article will be geared more toward novice players, as skilled Genshin Impact players should be able to rank up without a problem. Ranking up in Genshin Impact is easier than one might think.

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Top 5 tips to level up Adventure Rank quickly in Genshin Impact

#5 - Do all of the Daily Commissions + Battlepass stuff

Image via Attack of the Fanboy
Image via Attack of the Fanboy

Daily Commissions help a player out tremendously, aside from just ranking up one's Adventure Rank. Of course, it's that latter bonus that makes it appealing to some players, as Daily Commissions are something that should be done every day. They're easy to do, and only require a small investment of the player's time each day.

On a side note, a lot of the Battlepass stuff a player can do can greatly help a player rank up faster in Genshin Impact. The free Battlepass still unlocks some useful items for beginners, so doing the activities that give the player some Adventure EXP is always nice to do.

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#4 - Do the weekly bosses

Image via Genshin Impact Wiki
Image via Genshin Impact Wiki

Weekly bosses cannot be farmed (as the name implies, it's once a week), but they still provide an excellent source of Adventure EXP for players seeking to increase their Adventure Rank. A player can get 300 Adventure Exp out of a meager 60 Resin, making weekly bosses on par with some of the best methods for raising Adventure Rank in Genshin Impact.

Naturally, players will also get an assortment of other goods by doing these weekly bosses. There are several weekly bosses in Genshin Impact as it stands right now, and it will only grow as the game gets older. Hence, doing weekly bosses is a good idea, especially if players need the other rewards that come along with doing them.

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#3 - Regular bosses

Image via Genshin Impact Wiki
Image via Genshin Impact Wiki

Regular bosses take most of the good attributes of Weekly Bosses and make them more farmable. One regular boss will give a player fewer rewards than one weekly boss, but the main difference is that players won't be limited in how many regular bosses they can kill in a single week.

Naturally, some bosses are easier to farm than others. For most players, the Oceanid is more difficult to farm compared to the Electro Hypostasis. Both bosses give the player a flat 200 Adventure Exp, so players should seek to farm the easiest bosses if they want to increase their Adventure Rank as soon as possible.

Typically, it takes a few minutes for bosses to respawn.

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#2 - Ley Line Outcrops

Image via Attack of the Fanboy
Image via Attack of the Fanboy

Ley Line Outcrops are both easy and efficient for farming Adventure Exp in Genshin Impact. The vast majority of players can easily farm Ley Line Outcrops, which makes it highly desirable for increasing one's Adventure Rank. Blossoms of Revelation are unlocked at Adventure Rank 8, so players can start using it to gain several ranks.

It doesn't matter if players do the Blossoms of Revelation or Blossoms of Wealth, as they both give the same amount of Adventure Exp. What does matter is the World Level, as higher World Levels will give the player more difficult opponents (among the more rewards).

Whenever a player completes a Ley Line Outcrop, another one will spawn somewhere else on the map. If a player has a ton of Resin to burn, they can just complete as many Ley Line Outcrops as possible to efficiently grind their Adventure Rank.

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#1 - Domains

Image via PC Invasion
Image via PC Invasion

Not all Domains are farmable (as some Domains can only be completed once), but it's the Domains players can repeat infinitely that players should keep an eye out for. Unlike Ley Line Outcrops, Domains stay in the same place all the time, which makes them the ideal farming location for players wanting to max out their Adventure Rank.

There are many different Domain types, so players seeking to increase their Adventure Rank in Genshin Impact should look up the various Domain types and see which one they can farm the easiest. For 20 Resin, players will get 100 Adventure Exp, which makes it on par with the Ley Line Outcrops.

Of course, Domains are versatile in the other rewards they offer to players. As players can pick and choose which Domain they want to do, the freedom is in their court. Even at a high World Level, players can still do the easiest Domain if their sole intent is to max out their Adventure Rank in Genshin Impact.

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