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Over the past 10 years, zombie survival games have become increasingly popular as gamers want to see how good they are at fighting these creatures. Zombie games offer an amazing experience that is bound to keep gamers on their feet. They have deep stories and intense gameplay as well.

This article will discuss the top five zombie games to play in 2023 and will shed light on each game's gameplay, story, and overall appeal.

Dying Light 2, Project Zomboid, and more zombie games to play in 2023

1) Dying Light 2


The action role-playing game Dying Light 2 Stay Human was created and released in 2022 by Techland. With praise for the battle, shooting system, and endless mode but critique for the plot, the game has received generally positive reviews. After just one month of availability, 5 million units have already been sold.

There are numerous reasons why Dying Light 2 is a wise choice in 2023. Its distinctive settings, engaging storyline, improved technicians, and multi-player features make it one of the much-loved titles of the year.

Aiden Caldwell, Mia Caldwell, Lawan, Hakon, Frank Marwey, Jack Matt, Juan Rainer, Chris Williams, and more characters feature in the game. In the title, one can wear different clothes that help improve defense, XP gain, HP, damage, and other stats.

2) State of Decay


2013 saw the initial release of the accessible zombie survival game State of Decay. Several updates have since been made to the game, and the State of Decay 2 was launched in 2018. State of Decay is still a favorite among many gamers in 2023 despite its age for several reasons.

The game combines elements of role-playing, shooters, stealth, and strategy games. It challenges individuals to survive by scavenging, exploring, and fighting the undead.

The game's modding society has produced a ton of user-generated content, extending its life and expanding its customizability options. Mods that alter the game's intricacies, add new products and weapons or even add new maps and plot lines that can be downloaded and installed by players.

3) Days Gone


Days Gone is a 2019 action-adventure video game for the PlayStation 4's single-player mode that was created by Bend Studio and distributed by Sony Interactive Entertainment. In May 2021, a Desktop port was made available.

Days Gone is still well-liked in 2023 and is renowned for its captivating open-world gameplay, interesting plot, and stunning visuals. Players must navigate the game's vast and perilous world, which is full of dangerous enemies and infected creatures, to stay alive.

The bike is the player's only survival and they can navigate it away from the screen-filling hordes that roam the map. However, players must keep it running by upgrading, fixing, and fueling it. Because the bike needs gas, individuals sometimes have to push it downhill, hoping not to wake up people sleeping in a cave nearby and hoping to find gas along the way.

4) The Last of Us Part 2


The Naughty dog released the Last of Us Part 2 on 19 June 2020. The game centers around Ellie, a young woman who must navigate a hostile environment home to dangerous survivors, infected monsters, and her inner demons.

It is set in a world that has been devastated by a fungal pandemic. In a post-apocalyptic America, the game focuses on two playable characters whose lives intersect: Ellie, who sets out to exact revenge for a death, and Abby, a soldier who gets caught up in a battle between her army and a religious cult.

Players must use firearms, homemade weapons, and stealth to combat human adversaries and cannibal zombie-like creatures in this third-person shooter. As a survivor on a vengeance mission, one must use weapons like guns, arrows, Molotov cocktails, and stealth to combat the infected and other humans while being cautious of the clickers.

5) Project Zomboid


In this game, the player's goal is to live as long as they can before eventually dying in the post-apocalyptic, zombie-infested exclusion zone. It was one of the first five games to be made available in Desura's alpha funding section.

In this tactical survival game, players will inevitably die from running out of food or from an infection that spreads quickly. Individuals can always locate their zombified former character and ram a chair leg through their head.

Since its debut in 2013, Project Zomboid has kept growing and improving. The game supports multiplayer, has a strong crafting system, and has a thorough wellness and injury system as of 2023. Its devoted following and vibrant modding have helped to keep the game interesting and fresh, making it a superstar survival game.

Zombie games continue to do well in the gaming industry, with developers pushing the limits of what is possible with stunning graphics, immersive gameplay, and gripping stories. These top five games give players a wide range of different and interesting ways to play.

There is a zombie game for everyone, whether you like action-packed combat or survival mechanics. So, grab your weapons and get ready to dive into the world of zombie games.

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