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Valorant: All confirmed changes and updates to keep in mind ahead of upcoming ACT 3

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Modified 13 Oct 2020, 13:53 IST

It’s finally patch day in Valorant, and the version 1.10 update is going to be huge, as it will be bringing a whole new Act along with it.

Valorant’s bi-monthly Acts are indeed a huge deal for this shooter, and this time around, the number of changes that it will be bringing to the game are indeed staggering. 

Riot Games had previously confirmed some of the updates that Act 3 would be coming with, but there is also a whole lot more being kept behind closed doors, which will only be revealed once the patch is officially out later today.

For now, let us recap the confirmed updates and what exactly we can expect from Valorant’s Act 3

Valorant Act 3 to bring new map called Icebox

In one of our previous discussions, we have already talked about the new Valorant map, Icebox, which will be hitting the live servers sometime today. 

Icebox is going to be a nightmare for the defender side, as it’s filled with multiple entry points onto the plant site, along with a mixture of short and long spaces that favors aggressive play over anything else.

Icebox does away with much of the Jett-Op meta, and Vandal is going to be a staple pick on the map.

However, Riot planning to release the map so soon will mean that the release of the new Agent, Syke, will get delayed to patch 1.11.

Ranked system overhaul: Competitive standings will be refreshed for Valorant players


Valorant’s ranked system is up for some much-needed changes in Act 3, and as Riot is focusing “on the long term health of organized team play”, here are some of the changes that the devs have laid out.

  • New competitive Act
  • Rank queue lowered from 6 tiers to 3 tiers
  • Select preferred server to improve ping
  • Immortal+ rank outcomes are decided 100% by wins and losses.

The competitive ranks of players will also be refreshed when the new system hits the live servers.

New and improved Valorant Battle Pass system

Riot will be sticking to its schedule of bringing in a new Battle Pass with every Act. However, this time around, it won’t just be new unlockables but a slightly different system as well.

Battle Pass tiers will be easier to unlock now, and players will be able to get their hands on some fantastic skins much faster than they used to.

Previously, the Valorant community’s complaints about the Battle Pass system revolved around how hard it was for average players to unlock all the tiers on time. Not everyone was able to invest 100 hours in completing their passes, and it comes as quite a pleasant news for most that Riot was planning to make changes to the system in Act 3.


Additionally, purchasing the Act III Premium Battle Pass will now allow players to unlock even more tiers and exclusive Valorant cosmetic loot like the “Disco Ball” Gun Buddy and the Surge Bucky, which will be coming with its variants.

Valorant’s first-ever exclusive cosmetic set: Singularity

The Signularity cosmetic (Image Credits: Riot Games)
The Signularity cosmetic (Image Credits: Riot Games)

The Act weapons cosmetic bundle is going to be called Singularity and it is going to be Valorant’s first-ever exclusive skin bundle. So, naturally, it’s going to be the most expensive set to hit the game so far, and comes with a whopping 8,700 VP price tag.

That being said, the skin looks incredible and has one of the best finishers in our opinion.

“Singularity exists in a far future, vast in its journey from the beyond. Powerful, abstract, and mysterious. None know where it came from or how it came to be. Harness its unstable force on the Phantom, Sheriff, Spectre, Ares, and Melee when you buy the Singularity bundle.”

Server for the Middle East, North Africa, and Bahrain; India could get in on the act too

If you weren’t already aware of it, let us get you up to speed. The Middle East and North African regions will be getting their own dedicated Valorant servers, while India might also have a server soon, along with Bahrain, later today.


Hence, a lot of regions who were expectantly waiting for low ping servers will finally be getting the same in Act 3.

Valorant’s new Agent, Skye, will be coming in Act 3

Valorant’s Agent number 13 is right around the corner, and Skye will finally be coming live in Act 3. However, as the launch today is going to be bringing the new map, Skye’s release might get pushed back to patch 1.11, set to arrive on the 27th or the 28th of October.

Published 13 Oct 2020, 13:53 IST
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