Warzone 2 DMZ guide: Where to find the Kushaak construction warehouse key

Warzone 2 DMZ guide Kushaak construction key (Image via Activision)
Warzone 2 DMZ guide Kushaak construction key (image via Activision)

A new game mode, DMZ, short for Demilitarized Zone, came out alongside Warzone 2 and introduced Season 1 along with additional content with a new Battle Pass. The DMZ mode provided a new sandbox survival mode to the player base which offered a set of objectives or missions to complete in order to secure extraction from the map.

DMZ is currently hosted on the massive map of Al Mazrah, which is the only playable map for Warzone 2 currently. This map has multiple different sectors with changing geography that provide players with the opportunity to utilize the changes that were introduced to the movement and combat mechanics.

Players can enjoy missions from various factions in the DMZ mode where each AI faction has its own backstory and agenda that they want to achieve in order to gain control over the different regions of Al Mazrah. Completing these missions unlocks extraction points on the map that players can use to safely move out of the map and carry forward the loot that they gathered in the session.

Fans can continue to read the discussion below to find a detailed guide on how to obtain the Kushaak construction warehouse key.

Warzone 2 DMZ guide Kushaak construction key


Warzone 2 DMZ mode is Call of Duty’s version of Escape from Tarkov and offers a new perspective to the player base and also a new avenue to experience the Al Mazrah map. There are multiple different missions that individuals can accept and deploy to the battleground to complete. The penalties in this mode are severe, so players have to focus on survival and approach gunfights with strategies and tactics.

Kushaak Construction Warehouse key


The Kushaak construction warehouse key can be found through different methods. Players can take the first route by completing a mission called Convenience, which is offered by the White Lotus Faction and requires the repair of five vehicles at gas stations and the extraction of seven gas cans.

Players will need to complete all Tier 1 Legion Faction Missions to gain access to the missions from White Lotus. The key will be permanently available for the player to unlock the warehouse for future DMZ matches.

The item has a chance of dropping while looting near the warehouse or completing Eliminate contracts, which are marked on the map with green cell phone icons and targets on Warzone’s TAC map. Key owners can find the warehouse by navigating to the Al-Safwa Quarry POI either by traversing the map or hitching a ride.


The building can be looted for many exquisite items with a high value on the DMZ market and weapons that can be extracted as per the player’s preference. The second floor of the building can also offer players the Sa’id Mall Security Room Key that can permanently remain with players for future game sessions in this mode.

There are multiple ways to complete almost every mission in this survival game mode and it feels like a breath of fresh air that allows fans to utilize multiple different ideas in-game. The focus shift of the latest Call of Duty titles has paced the game more favorably for strategy users rather than fans of brute force.

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