Warzone Season 5 "Last Stand": Grau returns to meta, KG M40, AS44 nerf and more

Warzone Season 5 update is live right now (Image via Activision)
Warzone Season 5 update is live right now (Image via Activision)

The Call of Duty Warzone Season 5 update is live right now. With last season's Warzone and Vanguard bringing loads of content, Raven Software has also focused on weapon balancing in the game.

With the plethora of weapons that Warzone possesses, it is difficult for players to choose the absolute best. This makes the game broader and gives players a variety of options to choose from.

However, the absolute domination of some specific guns in the Warzone meta makes the in-game experience difficult for some fans.


Warzone's current developer, Raven Software, has claimed multiple times that they want to provide an experience for players where they will have more options to get a fair experience.

Season 5 brings major weapon balancing for Assault Rifles in Warzone

The new season of the game provides some major changes to weapon balancing. With the fan-favorite Modern Warfare weapon, the Grau, receiving a massive buff and the present meta the KG- M40 getting nerfed, there is a lot of catching up to do for players in "Last Stand." Here are all the major changes coming for the assault rifles in Season 5.

The final season of #Warzone x #Vanguard has arrived. Season 5: Last Stand is now live!

KG M40 (VG)

In Season 4, the KG M40 came forward and stayed as the undisputed king of Warzone. In the recent update, Raven wanted to fix the weapon balancing even more. In their patch notes, they stated:

"The KG M40 (VG) continued to climb after the last round of adjustments, so we’re making a further reduction of its long-range damage profile combined with some reasonable accuracy adjustments. The result is a Weapon that should exist firmly in the camp of “Newcomer friendly” but other Weapons will be preferable for higher skilled Players."
  • Min Damage decreased to 23, down from 25
  • Sprint to Fire Time increased to 1.02, up from 1.0

Reisdorf 720mm Shrouded

  • Muzzle Velocity decreased to 38%, down from 45%
  • Vertical Recoil Control decreased to 24%, down from 30%
  • Horizontal Recoil Control decreased to 17%, down from 20%

6.5mm Sakura 40 Round Mags

  • Muzzle Velocity penalty increased to -15%, down from -10%
  • Vertical Recoil Control decreased to 12%, down from 14%
  • Horizontal Recoil Control decreased to 16%, down from 20%

8mm Klauser 60 Round Drums

  • Movement Speed Scaler decreased to 0.98, down from 0.985
  • ADS Time Penalty increased to -5%, up from -2.5%

VDD 22G Padded

  • Recoil Control decreased to 12.5%, down from 14%

Grau 5.56 (MW)


In this update, the old Modern Warfare king is also making a return. The Grau has received some major buffs and it will be interesting to see the gun in the players' hands again.

  • Max Damage Increased to 29, up from 28
  • Max Damage Range increased to 1240, up from 1200
  • Neck Damage multiplier increased to 1.15, up from 1.01

AS44 (VG)

Since Season 3, the AS44 has been a part of the Warzone meta. With Warzone and Vanguard coming to an end, the developers are trying to give all guns a chance to be viable.

  • Max Damage decreased to 22, down from 24

Kovalevskaya 615mm

  • Damage Range Increased to 30%, up from 20%
  • Vertical Recoil Control increased to 15%, up from 12%

ZAC 12B Custom

  • Initial Firing Recoil increased to 14%, up from 10%
  • Movement Speed penalty decreased to -3%, up from -4%

Raven also changed some guns to help beginners get used to the game. The Vargo-S from Vanguard has received some buffs, where the minimum damage has increased to 22 from 20, and the Neck Damage Multiplier has increased to 1.5, up from 1.3.

Lastly, Season 5 has also brought some major balancing to snipers. With Marksman Rifles from Vanguard using AR ammunition, the game saw a new light in the final season. With all these changes, it would be quite interesting to see how the meta will shift throughout the season.

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