Why does Elden Ring have mixed reviews on Steam?

Elden Ring's poor PC optimization has damaged the experience of the players (Image via Elden Ring)
Elden Ring's poor PC optimization has damaged the experience of the players (Image via Elden Ring)

Elden Ring was officially released worldwide on January 25, 2022. However, it looks like the game's PC version did not have a very smooth launch when compared to the console editions.

Steam, the primary platform where the game is released for PC, has mixed user scores, with much of the community not recommending the game as of now. This is mainly on account of the poor PC optimization of the game even after a day 1 patch.

Elden Ring has been touted by many as one of the greatest games of all time, even before its release. It is a potential contender for Game of the Year, and thus several feel that such a poor PC port is completely unacceptable.

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PC version of Elden Ring has been suffering from massive FPS drops and stuttering even on the best equipments

PC is a platform that is often neglected by developers. In most cases, games are always optimized well for consoles, but not so much for PCs. The PC ports are always ridden with bugs, crashes, freezes, and FPS drops.

However, FromSoftware has always been a company that took good care of their PC players. Previous games, namely Dark Souls 3 and Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, have had brilliant PC ports.

It seems that the PC port for their latest title did not live up to the promise as players have been facing major issues since launch. Several stuttering and FPS issues are occurring consistently, making the experience quite poor for players.

Steam reviews for the game post-release (Image via Steam)
Steam reviews for the game post-release (Image via Steam)

Elden Ring is a challenging game, and it requires precise movement to ensure victory. However, players are often experiencing freezes in the middle of boss fights, which is damaging their runs.

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There are also reports where the game is crashing to the title screen from time to time, rendering it unplayable. This has made several players agree that Elden Ring is not at all optimized for PCs.

When the developers initially announced the system requirements, they made it clear that players will require high-end PCs to play even in the lowest settings. The game has a minimum of 12 GB RAM requirement, which is excessively high for a FromSoftware game.

However, many accepted it thinking that the game is open world and thus might require many resources to run smoothly. It seems that is not the case as the game is facing several problems even on PCs that are equipped with a 3080TI.

This has resulted in PC players swarming Steam with many negative reviews. The worst part about the issue is that, since the day 1 patch, which is version 1.02, the game has become even more buggy than the pre-release version that was provided to reviewers and streamers.

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Currently, there is no news on a fix, but hopefully, FromSoftware will ensure that the PC version is optimized properly in the coming days.