xQc vs. Adept: The entire timeline of the streamers' feud

Explaining the ongoing feud between xQc and Adept (Image via Sportskeeda)
Explaining the ongoing feud between xQc and Adept (Image via xQc & Adept)

Twitch streamers Felix "xQc" and Sam "Adept" have been notable figures in the streaming community for more than a year. For those unfamiliar, Felix, a French-Canadian streamer, was in a confirmed (rumors starting even before that) relationship with Adept starting in early 2021.

However, they broke up in August of that year, only to reconcile and resume dating from December 2021 until around September 2022.

In contrast to other internet couples, their narrative has been exceptionally dramatic, marked by legal disputes and verbal sparring between both parties. This article aims to delve deeper into their history.

Tracking the tumultuous relationship of xQc and Adept

Since their breakup in September 2022, the duo's relationship has been overshadowed by a series of legal conflicts. According to xQc, the immediate reason behind the breakup was the challenge of having frequent clashes with his brother and his girlfriend at the time:

“I felt like I had to make a choice. I was cornered into choosing between family and Sammy, and unfortunately what happened is that I kind of just chose family…Sammy was like, 'it was my fault.' That’s just what happened"

He added:

“I love my brother, I love my family, but he and his girlfriend, and me and Sammy we just couldn’t be all at once in one place, we couldn’t, it’s just not possible...there was friction when I was at my brother’s house and there was friction when we all got here, it was just very odd.”

One of the initial controversies that emerged was related to the $300K McLaren 720S Spider that xQc bought. According to Adept, it was registered in her name, possibly because Felix did not have a license at the time of the purchase.

In November 2022, the drama took new turns after Felix announced his breakup with his then-ex-girlfriend NYYXXII. A whirlwind of drama ensued involving Adept, who suggested that the streamer had cheated on her.

Furthermore, Adept disclosed information suggesting that the duo were purportedly married under common law marriage practices. For those unfamiliar with the term, a common-law marriage is a union that takes place without a formal civil or religious ceremony. Felix, however, denied being married:

"Everyone who has watched the stream for like six years knows my exact mindset about this (marriage). Everybody knows my word-for-word, things I’ve been saying for years that I would probably never get married for the rest of my life.”

The drama escalated when, during a stream in January 2023, Adept reportedly arrived uninvited at xQc's house. While much of their argument was inaudible, xQc had to cut short his stream upon returning.

Does xQc require to pay alimony?

Despite their legal troubles, the court ruled that xQc was not required to pay any form of spousal support to his ex-girlfriend Adept, despite her petition for him to pay $500,000.

This was confirmed through court documents shared by YouTuber Henry Resilient during a stream in March 2023:

"Moving forward, she's not getting no spousal support. She's not getting lawyer fees. And she better hope she wins something, or she's going to have to pay him out."

What were the s*xual assault allegations made against xQc?

Adept also made allegations of a sexual assault incident involving Felix, although she was not referring to herself but to Fran, another streamer who had a brief relationship with Felix.

Fran, however, dismissed any s*xual assault situation and explained how Adept allegedly attempted to use an incident where xQc grabbed Fran's butt during sleep to fabricate s*xual assault allegations against him.

Accused of paying mods to have s*x

In September 2023, Adept took to her official Instagram account to share some defamatory stories, accusing Felix of allegedly soliciting his moderators to engage in s*xual relations with him. She wrote this in one of her stories:

"Any streamers out there that are desperate enough to have s*x with their head moderators when they're lonely...don't talk about it with them over Discord."
Adept alleged that ex-boyfriend Felix paid his mods to sleep with him (Image via Instagram/Adept)
Adept alleged that ex-boyfriend Felix paid his mods to sleep with him (Image via Instagram/Adept)

She also posted a second story, hinting at the same allegation:

Adept posts a second story suggesting Felix soliciting his mod(s) (Image via Instagram/Adept)
Adept posts a second story suggesting Felix soliciting his mod(s) (Image via Instagram/Adept)

Felix, however, appeared unfazed by the situation and responded simply through his Instagram stories:

"Imagine ruining your life over ego. Millions of options and continuously choosing the worst ones."
Felix responds to Adept's defamatory stories (Image via Instagram/xQc)
Felix responds to Adept's defamatory stories (Image via Instagram/xQc)

Currently, the duo remains in a legal deadlock, and additional legal exchanges are anticipated. Felix recently confirmed that Adept and her legal team had requested a substantial sum, amounting to millions of dollars, to settle the matter.