2022 F1 British GP: Top 5 bold predictions

Charles Leclerc for the win? It's a lock!
Charles Leclerc for the win? It's a lock!
Charanjot Singh

The 2022 F1 British GP weekend is finally underway after all the controversies and off-track debates took the attention away from the prestigious race. All that is now kept aside and the focus has shifted to the racing once the cars hit the track. After the first day of running, we have a Ferrari leading the charts with a Mercedes and a McLaren completing the top 3. Now that would be one fascinating grid, wouldn't it?

Now we're not here to talk about what happened in FP1 or FP2. We're here to talk about what we expect will happen in the main race on Sunday. We're here to analyze what we've seen today, look into our "mystical" crystal ball, and make predictions about what we expect will happen at Silverstone. So, let's jump straight to it and list our top 5 bold predictions for the 2022 F1 British GP.

#5 Alex Albon scores points for Williams

Yes, let's start with complete lunacy! For our very first pick, we're predicting a points-scoring finish for Alex Albon in a Williams. The Grove-based squad has brought a very impressive upgrade package to the 2022 F1 British GP which appears to be a blend of Ferrari and Red Bull.

Alex is providing plenty of updates back to the pit wall as he gets to grips with his FW44 πŸ“»#WeAreWilliams #BritishGP

Irrespective of how it looks, what matters more is the kind of times the Thai-British driver was able to put together all day. It's not as if the Williams driver was able to battle the McLarens or the Alpines but he was still setting a much more respectable lap time compared to the rest of the midfield.

Watch out for Alex Albon sneaking into points at the 2022 F1 British GP!

#4 Lando Norris will be the best of the rest

McLaren's 2022 F1 challenger appears to be doing well at Silverstone and just like how the trend has been for the team when the car works, it works very well. Lando Norris' times on the first day have been very impressive not only compared to the others but also to his teammate Daniel Ricciardo as well.

The MCL36 seems to have a strong pace this weekend. So it might not be too much of a surprise if Norris ends up being the best of the rest after the top 3 teams at the 2022 F1 British GP.

#3 Lewis Hamilton will score a podium

Part of us wants to cheer for Lewis Hamilton to win the 2022 F1 British GP after what he has gone through this weekend. There is, however, this reasonable side as well that points out the deficit Mercedes faces over Red Bull and Ferrari and the fact that both Charles Leclerc and Max Verstappen are no dummies.

It's finally Friday and you know what that means: the #BritishGP race weekend begins! πŸ˜πŸ™ŒFirst two practice sessions in Silverstone done, @LewisHamilton and @GeorgeRussell63 finish FP2 in P2 and P8. πŸ€œπŸ€›#WorldsFastestFamily #WeLivePerformance @MercedesAMGF1

With that in mind, a win is somewhat of a wishful thinking this weekend. Concurrently, though, Mercedes' race pace looked encouraging on Friday. Hamilton may not challenge Leclerc and Verstappen at Silverstone, but he can surely challenge Sergio Perez and Carlos Sainz. Hence, a podium for the Mercedes driver is not out of the picture.

Watch out for Lewis Hamilton scoring a podium and enthralling the fans at the 2022 F1 British GP.

#2 Max Verstappen gets booed, emphatically!

It's slightly unfair to predict something that has already happened. Max Verstappen has already been subjected to boos this weekend. Why? Well, there are plenty of reasons why. Beating Lewis Hamilton to the title in 2021 under dubious circumstances in an intense battle is one. The second, and probably the more prominent one, is the reigning champion's stand on the whole Nelson Piquet-Lewis Hamilton racism debate.

Verstappen's response, where he criticized Piquet's language and then backed him as not being racist, did not rub well with the British fans and they gave him their piece of mind.

At the 2022 F1 British GP, we expect Verstappen to be in the fight for the win. Should he be at the podium ceremony, expect the reigning world champion to be the victim of a lot of unwelcome hate.

#1 Charles Leclerc wins the 2022 F1 British GP

It's about time Charles Leclerc gets his due this season. The Ferrari driver has only one podium in the last 5 races and none of those poor results is his fault. Having said that, let us specify first that there's a method to the madness here as Ferrari appears to have hit the ground running and unlike Mercedes, the Scuderia drivers can do well in cold conditions.

A good session to finish off the day πŸ’ͺ Now it’s heads down and onto Quali day tomorrow. #essereFerrari πŸ”΄ #BritishGP

Sure, the rain will play a part and so will other things as well. This weekend, however, Ferrari has the pace and Leclerc has our support to score his first win since his 2022 F1 Australian GP domination.

What's your favorite race of the 2022 season so far? Tell us in the comments below..

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