2022 F1 Singapore GP: Driver Ratings

F1 Grand Prix of Singapore
Another weekend another Red Bull win!

The 2022 F1 Singapore GP is now done and dusted. The teams have already packed up as they head straight to Suzuka for the 2022 F1 Japanese GP next weekend. Having said that, while all the points and accolades have been given, there is arguably the most prestigious one left.

We're yet to give the driver rating for the 2022 F1 Singapore GP (the most important aspect of the weekend, as some would say). So without further ado, let's jump straight to it as we share our driver ratings for the race weekend.

RACE CLASSIFICATION (END OF RACE)Perez wins an incredible race on our return to Marina Bay #SingaporeGP #F1

2022 F1 Singapore GP: Rating the drivers!


Lewis Hamilton (Started: 3th, Finished: 9th)

Rating: 5

That was a shambolic race by Lewis Hamilton. In essence, if we try to look at it closely, Lewis Hamilton could have ended up winning the Singapore GP. If the final lap in qualifying did not have the error at Turn 16, he would have been on the pole. Starting at the front of the grid would have given Lewis the advantage of controlling the pace.

💬 “When you fail, you get up and try again. It wasn’t the greatest day. My apologies to the Team, but we live, and we learn, and I’ll recover.” Wise words from Lewis after a challenging day for the whole team.

Even when he started the race in P3, it was a bad start that left him stuck behind Sainz. The two mistakes would rankle but what would hurt more is a missed win.

George Russell (Started: Pitlane, Finished: 14th)

Rating: 5

The Singapore GP was a throwback to the Williams days for George Russell. It was a mixed bag of a lack of speed in qualifying and an all-around struggle to make up places. 'Mr. Consistency' would want to forget this race as soon as he leaves Singapore.

Red Bull

Max Verstappen (Started: 8th, Finished: 7th)

Rating: 8

Sensational in qualifying and hard done by the team's strategy of putting fuel worth 5 laps, Verstappen faced an uphill task during the Singapore GP. On the whole, the driver's speed was blistering whenever he had the opportunity to show it.

The mistake where he went off at Turn 7 while trying to overtake Norris looks bigger than it was as it cost him a podium. It was a humbling race for the reigning champion.

Sergio Perez (Started: 2th, Finished: 1st)

Rating: 10

Street circuits 🤜🤛 @SChecoPerez 🤗

That was a masterclass from the Mexican. With Max Verstappen out of the equation at the Singapore GP, Red Bull looked towards Sergio Perez today and he delivered well. It was a flawless drive from him, who has been under a bit of pressure lately.


Charles Leclerc (Started: 1st, Finished: 2nd)

Rating: 9

Charles might be kicking himself after the Singapore GP. If he had nailed the start, it's hard to deny that he might have found himself in the position that Perez did.

This is the second pole position in a row that Leclerc has been unable to convert to win. Overall, though, a pretty flawless show by the Ferrari driver.

Carlos Sainz (Started: 4th, Finished: 3rd)

Rating: 7

The result flatters the performance in the case of Sainz for the Singapore GP. The Spanish driver did not have the speed of his teammate all week. He has stated many times this season that the Ferrari is not to his liking in terms of his driving style. Having said that, we're close to the end of the season now and this cannot continue. The Spaniard delivered an average overall performance in Singapore.


Lando Norris (Started: 6th, Finished: 4th)

Rating: 9.5

Far too many times, what Norris does gets neglected because he does it in a McLaren, which is not a frontrunner. It's hard to doubt that Lando Norris has been one of the best drivers on the grid this season. The Singapore GP was one such instance where he was challenging Carlos Sainz for a podium position after the second safety car restart.

Lando Norris is amongst the best drivers on the grid, but he, sadly, does not have a strong car underneath him.

Daniel Ricciardo (Started: 17th, Finished: 5th)

Rating: 7.5

Daniel Ricciardo on his way to the McLaren garage knowing he went from P17 to P5 today 😎🤘

The Australian driver had a strong race. He kept his nose clean and showed good speed as he benefitted from drivers retiring or crashing around him. Daniel Ricciardo also benefited from a free pitstop under the safety car that helped him jump both the Aston Martins. Having said that, it's a result that the Australian driver deserved after the DNF in Monza.


Fernando Alonso (Started: 5th, Finished: DNF)

Rating: 8

Two races and two DNFs for Fernando Alonso. The Spaniard was weaving his usual magic in the midfield and fending off Max Verstappen ably when the Renault engine cried enough. Alonso had hoped for a better performance in his record 350th race at the Singapore GP.

Esteban Ocon (Started: 17th, Finished: DNF)

Rating: 5

Ocon's weekend was already compromised when he was eliminated in Q1. The French driver did make up a few places and could have scored a point or two if he had continued. Sadly, it was not to be, as he retired with an engine problem just like his teammate.


Pierre Gasly (Started: 7th, Finished: 10th)

Rating: 8

a tough result when more was on the table 🇸🇬 time to look ahead to Japan next week 👊

The brilliance of Pierre Gasly this weekend did not catch the eye like many of his performances this season. He qualified in P7 with a brilliant effort and then scraped through with a point. Another solid weekend for the French driver.

Yuki Tsunoda (Started: 10th, Finished: DNF)

Rating: 5

Another race, another crash from the Japanese driver. Yuki is expected to be the lead driver at AlphaTauri next season, and this should seriously concern Red Bull.

Aston Martin

Sebastian Vettel (Started: 14th, Finished: 8th)

Rating: 8

It's almost unbelievable to think that Sebastian Vettel was on course to finish P6 in this race but was unlucky in the end. The driver lost out significantly during the second safety car period, which gave Ricciardo and Stroll a free pitstop. Overall, the German driver gave a good account of himself in his last 2022 F1 Singapore GP.

Lance Stroll (Started: 12th, Finished: 6th)

Rating: 8

His best result of the season in one of the toughest races of the year.Take a bow, @lance_stroll.🎥 @F1#F1 #SingaporeGP

Like his teammate, Lance Stroll had a solid race. Stroll benefited from the safety car just as he came to the pits to change tires. That helped nullify the almost 10-second advantage that Vettel had over him. Overall, a strong result for Aston Martin as the team climbs to P7 in the championship.

Alfa Romeo

Valtteri Bottas (Started: 16th, Finished: 11th)

Rating: 6

Bottas is having a lot of these anonymous races lately. Part of the problem is Alfa Romeo's lack of competitiveness. The Singapore GP was another such occasion where Bottas had a rather invisible race.

Guanyu Zhou (Started: 15th, Finished: DNF)

Rating: 5

Zhou was a bit unlucky to be dumped out of the race by Latifi punting him into the wall. The Chinese driver is doing a good job at Alfa Romeo but just ends up finding ways to retire from the race.

Haas F1

Kevin Magnussen (Started: 9th, Finished: 12th)

Rating: 5

“A disappointing race as we could’ve scored points here realistically."#HaasF1 #SingaporeGP

Kevin Magnussen has got to stop damaging his front wing in the opening sequences of a race. The Danish driver and the black and orange flag have been used together in a statement far too many times this season.

Steiner has had issues with extending Mick Schumacher's stay with the team. However, he might need to take a look at Magnussen as well because this has been happening far too often.

Mick Schumacher (Started: 13th, Finished: 13th)

Rating: 6

There was an outside possibility that Mick Schumacher could have ended up scoring points this weekend. However, George Russell made sure that did not happen. It wasn't the kind of showcase weekend the German would have been looking for as his exit from the team looms large.


Alex Albon (Started: 19th, Finished: DNF)

Rating: 5

The very fact that Alex Albon was able to take part in the Singapore GP is a big thing. He was not back to his best yet and, hence, a couple of mistakes here and there meant this was not a perfect weekend for Albon.

Nicholas Latifi (Started: 20th, Finished: DNF)

Rating: 3

The end for Nicholas Latifi could not come sooner at this rate. At the Singapore GP, he was involved in an innocuous accident once again, which did not help his already fleeting reputation.

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