"STRAGEDY" strikes Ferrari as fans react to the 2022 F1 Monaco GP

F1 Grand Prix of Monaco podium celebrations
F1 Grand Prix of Monaco podium celebrations

Sergio Perez secured a glorious third race win at the prestigious Monaco Grand Prix, which turned out to be arguably the most bizarre race weekend of the 2022 F1 season so far. Despite struggling with his tires, the Mexican denied the Ferraris another win this season, extending Red Bull's lead over the Prancing Horse significantly. Championship leader Max Verstappen finished the race in third, making the Monaco Grand Prix the first race this season where the Dutchman has seen the checkered flag but failed to win the race.

The chaotic 3-hour-long Grand Prix offered tons of drama and two red flags, the second of which was caused by Mick Schumacher's crash, which significantly changed the course of the race. Home hero Charles Leclerc comfortably led the race from pole despite the tricky wet conditions from the heavy rains that caused the race start to be delayed. Red Bull, however, pulled off a phenomenal strategy to overcut Ferrari and gain a significant advantage with the tires through the pit stops. This pushed the Monegasque back in fourth, and the 24-year-old could never recover from it. While Leclerc finally made it to the checkered flag for the first time in Monaco, he missed out on a podium finish, let alone a win. His teammate Carlos Sainz, on the other hand, who has been visibly struggling this season, managed to drive a strong race and got very close to securing the first race win of his career in Monte Carlo, but disappointingly lost it to the Mexican.

Fernando Alonso's drive in the second half of the race was another big story from a crazy Sunday at the "crown jewel" of F1. His defense against seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton kept several cars over thirty seconds behind the front of the pack. The Spaniard led the car train from the seventh position down to the end of the grid with over half a minute's distance to Lando Norris' McLaren. In the end, Alonso managed to remain ahead of the Briton, securing his best result of the 2022 F1 season so far.

Here are some of the best Twitter fan reactions to the 2022 F1 Monaco Grand Prix

Charles on his way to “box, box” someone.#MonacoGP
There is nothing more powerful on this earth than the Charles Leclerc Monaco curse
Hamilton is now the meat in an Alpine sandwich - Ocon right behind him now as Alonso’s slow pace forms a train. No issue according to Alpine though #F1 #MonacoGP
Leclerc pulling in the pits like #MonacoGP
Current situation at Ferrari#F1 #MonacoGP #WTF1
Heartbroken for Charles 💔He saw the chequered flag in Monaco for the first time but that's a very bitter "consolation prize" for him today..#MonacoGP
Charles Leclerc on team radio:"We have lost."
…I mean, at least Charles finally finished a race here, right? 😅#MonacoGP #F1
Giving me a bit of these vibes#MonacoGP
Some things never change #MonacoGP #F1
This is disgraceful #MonacoGP @AlpineF1Team Shame on you all
@jctrxx I did enjoy how he kept Hamilton busy
@Lee_Moo25 Hamilton was all over the alpines today.
the man can't catch a brake #WTF1 #MonacoGP
Fernando Alonso’s controlling the #MonacoGP like…
can anyone confirm if checo’a father is in monaco right now? I just want to see him this happy again 🥹 #MonacoGP #wtf1
He’s better than me because I’d be flipping the whole car over at this point #MonacoGP
Let me introduce the next Safety-Car #WTF1 #Alonso #MonacoGP
Alonso on a Sunday cruise in Monaco #MonacoGP #WTF1
Everyone knows that Monaco is not a overtaking-friendly track.Alonso is not going to be popular at the end of this race!#F1 #MonacoGP #MonacoGrandPrix #Formula1

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