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After watching Tottenham, it's time to forget about finishing third

772   //    08 Mar 2013, 17:00 IST

FC Steaua Bucuresti v Chelsea - UEFA Europa League Round of 16

This is one of the hardest things a Chelsea fan has to write, bearing in mind the relationship between the supporters of both clubs. Chelsea hate Tottenham and I am sure the feeling is mutual, but this isn’t a post to incite hatred and anger towards each other via the comments below, but to focus on the football, for once. In doing so, I have to hold my hands up and salute what AVB has achieved so far at Tottenham.

After watching YET ANOTHER dire performance from Chelsea last night and another 90 minutes of my life wasted, I turned over to ITV and watched Tottenham take on Inter Milan and the difference between their performance to Chelsea’s was blatantly obvious – Pace.

Chelsea were laboured, one dimensional last night and paid the price for their performance. Sloppy in possession, often caught out of position, Steaua Bucharest couldn’t believe their luck and within five minutes of the game would have realised that this team is a far cry from last season’s European Champions. We can sing it as much as we like but deep down we all know different.

Tottenham on the other hand were the complete opposite. They played with pace, moved the ball forward quickly, pressed high up the pitch to close people down and win the ball back quickly and their movement off the ball was first rate.

I believe the brand of football we have in the Premier League to be better than anything else, anywhere. Everyone points out the difference being the power and pace of our game. If ALL the Premier League sides that venture into Europe each season focused on their own game and maintained the speed and intensity they are accustomed to each week, they would win more games than they would lose as European sides would find it difficult to live with them. Last night, Tottenham demonstrated exactly that and AVB has got them playing great football.

A year on from his sacking, AVB must look at what’s happened to Roberto Di Matteo and see Rafa Benitez sitting there now, ranting at the supporters, losing games he shouldn’t, dropping points against sides we shouldn’t be and speaking of trying to finish inside the top four, with a sense of gratification right now.

I am sure he isn’t a bitter person at all but what happened last year would have hurt him. He has tried to install the footballing principles he believes in, into the players at Tottenham and apart from three or four signings, they are still the players left behind after Redknapp.

The players have bought into his methods and at the moment are reaping the rewards playing as a football team. Across London at Stamford Bridge, we look something totally different.

I may take some stick for this from other Chelsea fans but deep down you know what you can see yourselves. Chelsea are quite simply Jekyll and Hyde at the moment as we never know what type of performance or result we are going to get. God help us at United on Sunday!


It’s time to be realistic here as we know Rafa Benitez is staying until the end of the season. Things are not going to get any better and to hold onto fourth place is now the be all and end all of our season. We can forget third place now as it’s obvious that’s now out of reach.

The thing is, I wouldn’t put it past AVB and his Tottenham side to go on and pip Manchester City for second place now, which is something we could and should have done this season.

It’s depressing this morning being a Chelsea fan and I can only imagine what it’s like for the Chelsea fans that travelled to Bucharest last night.

For all of those who turned over to ITV and watched Tottenham, we were left with no doubt who is finishing the season stronger, has momentum and is playing the kind of football you look forward to seeing week in, week out.

It’s not Chelsea!

Carefree & KTBFFH

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