4 billionaires who changed the world of football

Roman Abramovich Chelsea

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The RedBrothersUnited collective are fascinated with the recent shift in football supremacy across Europe and presents a look at billionaires that shook the balance of world football.

Football was always known as a sport which had everything. It still has the same charm about it ,only now most of them are in excess. Most watched sport round the globe, it was just a matter of money and time that the equilibrium of stability was shaken apart from its roots.

With great power comes great responsibility, and with big money involved in the footballing world comes high expectations and a team with superstar names in it. From preposterously rich businessman purchasing clubs to the millions and billions spend each year, here is a list of four billionaires who by their mere presence and stature have shook the dominion of the footballing world.

1. Roman Abramovich, Chelsea

Every team needs a villain, for Chelsea it is this man. Their owner who few month before celebrated a decade at the same club famously known for splashing money like a pack of playing cards in every transfer window.

His methods, ever since coming to Stanford Bridge in the summer of 2003, have been both highly appreciated and equally criticized by millions worldwide. The relationship between Chelsea manager and Roman is not hidden to any and being the Chelsea manager is no short of riding an elephant on a crocked road waiting for a hurricane to save your day.

Roman Abramovich, Chelsea

Having said and done, Chelsea would never have been where they are today without the presence of Roman Abramovich. Since their takeover the club have won eleven major trophies- the UEFA Champions League, the UEFA Europa League, the Premier League 3 times, the FA Cup 4 times and the League Cup twice.

Without any doubt in mind, Chelsea have the biggest squad quantity wise in Europe with a fancy percentage of players being loaned out to clubs all over Europe. At least $50 million spend every transfer window looks inevitable for Chelsea and that is not looking to slow down any time in the near future.

2. Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Manchester City

Owner of Abu Dhabi United Group, an investment company that successfully acquired Manchester City football club in ‘08. There are no second thoughts to his incredible wealth providing an unfair advantage to them in the transfer market.

While their rival teams are content with window shopping, they believe in having a supermarket of players of their own by buying wholesale.

Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Manchester City

Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Manchester City

Quiet is a word which has been missing from their dictionary ever since the very beginning. Since their arrival in September of ’08, spending in excess of a hundred million three years in a row for purchasing players alone is just a brief evidence of the revelation they have succeeded in bringing to the citizens. Fair or unfair, there is no shame in admitting that City is one of the better clubs in England today, at times even the best.

3. Qatar Investment Authority, Paris saint German

In 2011, the Qatar investment authority became the major shareholder of PSG, and the following year purchased the remaining stakes of the team making them the sole shareholder. This takeover made PSG the richest club in France and one of the richest in the world.

Edison Cavani

Edison Cavani

The club’s trophy cabinet welcomed with open arms its first silverware in years after they secured their first league title since 1994 under Carlos Ancelotti. With close to three hundred million.

Euros spend in just two summers the current champions of France, the red and the blues future looks brighter than ever and are one of the serious contenders of the battle for present supremacy of Europe.

4. Dmitry Rybolovlev, A.S. Monaco

Dmitry Rybolovlev and Radamel Falcao

Dmitry Rybolovlev and Radamel Falcao

They are the latest additions to the growing list of filthy rich billionaires purchasing football club. Once among the leading clubs in European football and not so long ago playing in Ligue 2, it is no short of a dream turned nightmare again turned dream for this club and their supporters. With Rybolovlev financial backings and support, they have returned to Ligue 1 and already bought some of the best in the market.

With the likes of Radamel Falcao, João Moutinho, James Rodríguez, Ricardo Carvalho, Éric Abidal and Jérémy Toulalan coming into the team this summer, it is appropriate to say that they are a team under construction and who better than Claudio Ranieri to be the manager, who is accustomed to assemble and fabricate team from ashes.

With the qualification in Europe their prime target, they also look to have keen eyes on the Ligue 1 title too, thereby including one more to their existing seven league trophy cabinet.

This is a mere fragment of the bigger picture at hand. Europe has never looked so wide open for dominance and the competition gets even better and better.

RedBrothersUnited are Anand Sindhu, Pawan Sharma and Akshay Agarwal.

DISCLAIMER: The views expressed in this article are the author’s own and not reflective of the website as a whole.

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