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5 iconic moments of Jose Mourinho's career

A dip into the memories for the five most iconic moments in the Portuguese mastermind's glittering career.

The Special One: Jose Mourinho
The Special One: Jose Mourinho

Look into those eyes. A pair that has conquered every challenge it has come up against and seen dreams willed into solid reality. A pair that has exhibited wisdom over the ages.

Well, Jose does have a shrewd demeanour. Combine that with his relentless cunning ideas and you will get a manager who has his name etched in the topmost echelons of the masterminds of the game.

Excellent man-management, the sheer brilliance of tactics mind games that have deluded opponents for over a decade. That's how you sum up the Special One. The 54-year-old Portuguese is one of a kind and one of the most successful tacticians up to date.

But, how did the legend of Jose Mourinho come into being? Which junctures have been responsible for his rise to prominence? Surely the Judas of Chelsea wasn't conjured up in a day.

Here, take a look at the most iconic moments that defined the birth and ascension of the 'Special One' - Jose Mourinho.

#5: The announcement of the phrase - 'Special One' (2004-05)

Chelsea Press Conference
Mourinho proclaimed himself as the Special One in his first Chelsea conference
"Please don't call me arrogant, but I'm European champion and I think I'm a special one.” 

That was what the young manager roped from FC Porto said in his first conference as Chelsea's new boss in 2004. Mourinho did raise a few eyebrows back then.

A claim like that was really a brave one to make, considering Chelsea were nowhere near the heavyweights Arsenal and Manchester United in the Premier League. But, that self-proclamation showed the confidence and the winning pedigree of the Portuguese mastermind. The famous title has stayed with him ever since.

While he raised eyebrows with that quote, Mourinho was quick enough to defy the odds of his critics by winning the League title in his first year itself at Chelsea.

In doing so, Mourinho became one of the only five managers in the Premier League era to achieve this feat. Chelsea would go on to win more glory, proving to be a major threat to Wenger and Ferguson.

Looking at his glorious past, Mourinho rightly earned the sobriquet of the 'Special One' in the football world.

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