Footballers and their adorable childhood pictures – Part 1

Del Piero Pepe Ibra
All the great ones had a childhood to remember as well

Childhood is perhaps the most special time in a person’s life. No matter the amount of atrocity one has to face during their early years, childhood is the only period in one’s life where the innocence of a person seeps out endlessly.

After that, we grow up and life seems to turn complicated. It is almost as if you were drawing a straight line, but by the time you grow up and look back, you have actually created a complex maze that you can’t seem to find your way out of.

For some adults, football is one of the mediums that flashes out the rawest of emotions in a person. Despite the intricacy of growing up, football allows us to escape the maze temporarily and become naïve like children once again.

So what do we get when we mash up football and childhood? Adorable pictures of our favourite footballers, of course! Since there are so many footballers, there will be a series of articles on revealing the unlimited cuteness of footballers when they were kids.

And here are 10 footballers for part one of footballers and their childhood pictures.

Note: All the pictures were taken from the blogspot site footballplayerschildhoodpics.

Alessandro Del Piero

Perhaps the greatest playmaker-forward in Juventus’ modern era, Alessandro Del Piero was not only a great player, but also a Juventus loyalist. Not many top players would choose to play in the second division after their team gets relegated as a punishment for being found guilty in match-fixing scandals.

However, Del Piero stayed on and helped his love get back to the first division. You could see the devotion in his eyes in this baby picture of him. These are the eyes of a romantic that would do anything for the love of his life. Fortunately for Juve, ‘Ale’ fell in love with the Old Lady.

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