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Sportskeeda Football Awards 2016: Manager of the Year 2016

Anirudh Menon
Top 5 / Top 10
26 Dec 2016, 19:50 IST

There’s a reason Sir Alex Ferguson said that the highest paid man at any club should be the manager, and why Arsene Wenger follows that philosophy to this very day. Say what you want about offences and defences, but managers are the all-in-all of any team and the success and failure of any team depends on how on-point the man yelling his throat out in the dugout is.

This past year we have seen some amazing performances by managers, and the magnificent thing is many of those who make up this top 10 are unheralded names that a year back no one would have thought could make it. 

Voting by Fans

As we did with the players (defenders, midfielders, and forwards) we sent out a poll for Football Fans around the world to vote for the person they feel has been the best Manager of the year. The shortlist was made basis an in-depth discussion within our in-house teams and the final rankings are based on a combination of Fans’ votes and Experts ranks.  

The one with the highest vote received 10 points and the one with the lowest got 1 point. The scores from Sportskeeda’s in-house Ranking and the Reader’s Voting were then added together, with the total score taken. In a situation of two players being tied, Sportskeeda’s Ranking has taken a preference. 

There are a number of differences between the popular votes and the rankings – love for your favourite team can be particularly influential – but that’s just the lay of the land. 

Without much ado then, let’s have our TOP 10 Managers of 2016

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