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The Premier League’s most passionate fans and supporters

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Football is a sport with some of the most passionate fans in the world. Unlike most other sports, football has the ability to change people, and can turn even the most quiet and pleasant person into a loud, aggressive fan who will do anything for their team to win.

It has by far one of the biggest followings in the world, and whether they’re watching from the side of the pitch or from their living rooms, every football fan can get carried away.

In no particular order, here are some of the teams with the most passionate and dedicated fans.

Manchester United

Real Madrid v Manchester United - UEFA Champions League Round of 16

Many people might accuse Manchester United fans of being “glory supporters”, as if you’re going to pick a team to support, you might as well pick the team that’s always winning.

However, Manchester United is one of the most supported teams in the world, and is the third most popular team on Facebook. Even when the Red Devils have suffered in a match, the fans stay loyal and cheer them on even louder, come rain or shine.

Manchester United also receives a lot of attention from those who are not fans, with the “I Hate Man United” Facebook page having attracted around 400,000 fans. It seems that fan or not, everyone has something to say about this team.



UEFA Champions League: Chelsea v FC Porto

Chelsea fans are some of the most enthusiastic fans around, with a wide following of people of every age. Whether their team has won or lost, the Chelsea fans will provide their players with unconditional support, surrounding them in a sea of blue flags and cheering them on loudly at every game.

Swansea City

Being the only Welsh team to have played in the Premier League, Swansea City have made their fans proud. Although they have experienced a mixture of encouraging highs and disappointing lows, their fans have always remained loyal to them.

The team is now becoming incredibly successful, and has the chance for more success in future, thanks to the constant support and encouragement from their passionate fans.



Liverpool is clearly not lacking in support, as when the team are playing at home, their games receive one of the highest attendance rates in Europe, and when they’re playing overseas, which they have done time and time again, their fans follow and support them in all their games, encouraging them to perform well every time.

Not only are Liverpool fans dedicated to their team, but they are also strong believers in enjoying the sport without resorting to violence or hostility, as they showed in a game against Swansea when they gave the opposing team a moving standing ovation for a well-played game.

Manchester City

What makes Manchester City fans so loyal is the fact that they are so often overshadowed by their neighbours and rivals, Manchester United.

It’s not easy to stay positive when you’re never quite in the limelight, and often forgotten in favour of your enemy, but Manchester City fans manage to give their team the loyal support they need no matter what happens, and they were rewarded in 2011 when they beat Manchester United with a 6-1 win.

Although Manchester City has been spending a lot of money in the recent years, this money has clearly been put to good use, and most of the existing fans are long-timers.

West Ham

Fans of West Ham are as passionate as they come, and although their games do not see the same numbers as other clubs in the Premier League, the West Ham fans make up for it with unfaltering enthusiasm, cheering their team on through thick and thin.

Although West Ham fans are often known for their hooliganism and illegal activity, the majority of them are just there to have a good time and support their team, and they are one of the most loyal fan bases in the UK.

Newcastle United

Newcastle United is one of the most powerful clubs in Northern English football, and has one of the most devoted fan bases. And it’s not just the fans who encourage them with their support.

Owner of the club, Mike Ashley, is well known for ditching his director’s box and standing amongst the fans in his black and white clothes, showing his support for and pride in his players.

Newcastle has a rivalry with Sunderland which has been in existence for over 100 years, and if you happen to see the Tyne-Wear derby when the two teams meet, prepare to see the fans really let loose.

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