Eco Fortnite Skin is a tribute to the old Fortnite Chapter 1 map: Loot Lake, Titled Tower, and other references spotted

'Eco' Fortnite skin is a tribute to the old Fortnite Chapter 1 map (Image via Epic Games, Fortnite)
Modified 22 Apr 2021

The Eco Fortnite skin was recently added to the Item Shop. While cosmetics being added to the shop are not out of the ordinary, the new outfit pays tribute to the "OG" days of Fortnite Chapter 1, more specifically, the old Fortnite map.

Created by Nollobandz, the Eco Fortnite skin features a lot of Season 1 map memorabilia that veterans of the game will be able to relate to. Apart from the skin and back bling, a harvesting tool is also present along with the set.

The total set costs well over 2000 V-Bucks but is well worth the money for players wanting to take a trip down memory lane. Players can purchase the Outfit (Eco) and Back Bling (Globee) for 1,500 V-Bucks and the Harvesting Tool (Devourer's Bane) for 800 V-Bucks.

The volcano on the back bling will erupt every time the player gets elimination. However, it's hard to see, as the animation is rather fast.

The volcano on the back bling erupting (Image via Epic Games, Fortnite)
The volcano on the back bling erupting (Image via Epic Games, Fortnite)

Now that the basics have been covered, it's time to talk about the skin itself and examine the references that have been made to Fortnite Chapter 1

List of references within the Eco Fortnite Skin that pay tribute to Fortnite Chapter 1

  • The left ankle of the Eco Fortnite Skin pays tribute to the desert biome that was present in "OG" Fortnite, which appeared after the 5.0 update.
  • The right ankle seems to pay homage to Frosty Flights, a POI added in Season 7. Moving upwards, Dusty Depot and The Meteor can also be spotted.
  • The icon Tilted Tower clock can be seen on the right shoulder, alongside the Durr Burger located next to the elbow.
  • The right arm features lava that represents the volcanic activity that started around Season 8.
  • Tomato Man's face can be seen on the belt Buckle.
  • Loot lake is present on the chest region of the skin.
  • Eco Fortnite Skin face region resembles The Seven, which first appeared in Season 3.
  • The harvesting tool pays homage to the fight in Chapter 1, Season 9, between the Mech and The Monster.

These are just a few of the iconic references that are noticeable on the Eco Fortnite Skin. While most newcomers won't make much of the outfit, players who have been around will be filled to the brim with nostalgia when wearing this skin.

Published 22 Apr 2021, 18:22 IST
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