10 Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2 myths, busted

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These Fortnite myths about the latest season have been busted (Image via Epic Games)

Week 1 of Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2 has finally begun, and has introduced players to the futuristic-themed Mega City, where they can drop in to experience the latest battle royale action. In the most recent season, players were exposed to a new grinding rail mobility technique and a biome that's heavily influenced by Japanese culture.

Furthermore, there's a wide selection of interesting weaponry available to players as they battle for the ultimate Victory Royale. While there are many fantastic new features and additions to the current season, there are many myths floating through the player community as well.

Here are 10 myths about Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2 that have been busted.

10 Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2 myths that have been busted

1) The Cyber Dragon deals fire damage


At the start of every new storm circle in Fortnite, the Cyber Dragon that stands atop a tower in the Mega City POI unleashes holographic fire. This awe-inspiring event can be witnessed first-hand by players who choose to travel to the popular POI.

There's a persistent notion amongst players that they would be hurt if they approached this fire. In general, it's a pervasive myth that the Cyber Dragon's breath deals actual damage. In reality, the flames are just a computer-generated effect and players are unharmed even if they stand right in front of it.

2) Kinetic Blade can farm mats

The Kinetic Blade cannot farm mats (Image via YouTube/Top5Gaming)
The Kinetic Blade cannot farm mats (Image via YouTube/Top5Gaming)

Occasionally, players wrongly assume that any melee weapon in the game (not just the conventional pickaxes/harvesting tools) can be used to farm resources on the island. Many fans hoped that the newly added Kinetic Blade, which is capable of crushing gold stacks into bars, would allow players to farm mats far quicker than the regular pickaxe.

Unfortunately, when this blade is used to strike an item that would normally drop resources when struck by a pickaxe, no farming takes place. The item will be shattered and damaged by the blade, but no mats will be dropped in the process.

3) Players can grind on rails with a downed teammate

Players cannot ride the grind rails while carrying a downed teammate (Image via YouTube/Top5Gaming)
Players cannot ride the grind rails while carrying a downed teammate (Image via YouTube/Top5Gaming)

Most players, while traveling between various buildings in Mega City, may prefer to use the grinding rails mechanism. These grind rails are a convenient way to quickly travel between different points of interest, but some players have wondered if they can be used to sneak past enemies while transporting a fallen teammate.

The unfortunate fact that grinding on a rail while carrying a downed teammate doesn't work as intended may come as a disappointment to many gamers. After one of their teammates has been knocked to the ground and is being carried, they would normally walk on the rail as if it were any other surface.

4) Munitions Slide Augment gives you max medium ammo


Many new Reality Augments were added to the Fortnite arsenal in Season 2, Chapter 4. These updated Augments were developed while keeping the current season's playstyle in mind.

The Munitions Slide is an example of an augmentation that provides users with a steady supply of medium ammunition while they slide. As the Augment always ensures a fair amount of ammunition, a few players tested its limits to see whether they could carry even more. It was then discovered that once the Munitions Slide has been utilized repeatedly, the augment's bullet count cap is set at 172.

5) Players can upgrade the Kinetic Blade using an upgrade bench

Players cannot upgrade a Kinetic Blade (Image via YouTube/Top5Gaming)
Players cannot upgrade a Kinetic Blade (Image via YouTube/Top5Gaming)

Due to its strong dash attack and consistent damage output, the Kinetic Blade has quickly become one of Fortnite's most sought-after melee weapons. At the moment, this powerful weapon can be obtained in the game and can only be found in the Epic rarity.

Interestingly, leaks suggest that a Mythic version of this blade will be added to the game at some point. As a result, gamers started wondering if it was really possible to upgrade the blade all the way to its Mythic variant using an upgrade bench. As it turns out, that's completely incorrect, as there's no way to manually upgrade the Kinetic Blade in the game.

6) Overclocked Pulse Rifle can be obtained from all capture points


Being a fresh new Mythic weapon, the Overclocked Pulse Rifle is exceedingly hard to come by in Fortnite: Season 2, Chapter 4. Gamers have been searching for the weapon in Capture Points all around the map, where it's theorized that the powerful weapon might be dropped.

Although the weapon is available at all times, it can only be gained by capturing a Golden Capture Point on Loot Island, which rifts onto the island at random intervals during the match. By ascending to the island's peak, players can then attempt to capture the point and obtain this weapon as a reward if they're successful.

7) You take fall damage when you fall off a Grind Rail


While grinding the rails in Mega City in Fortnite Season 2, it's a popular myth that players will take fall damage if they fall from a high vantage point. Interestingly, that's not how it works in this case. Similar to Ziplines, the hop effect experienced by the player while dismounting a Grind Rail protects them from falling damage.

8) Kinetic Blade can block incoming shots


The defensive options against enemy fire have been greatly aided by the addition of melee weapons like lightsabers. As Lightsabers are also believed to be swords, it was widely assumed that the newly introduced Kinetic Blade will perform a similar function in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2.

As it turns out, the blade's secondary function is the Dash Attack, not the Block capability that's seen in Lightsabers. Thus, players can only inflict damage with the blade and cannot block incoming gunfire.

9) Re-ignite a smothered campfire using a Firefly Jar in Zero Builds

Players cannot rekindle a smothered campfire in Zero Build mode (Image via Sportskeeda)
Players cannot rekindle a smothered campfire in Zero Build mode (Image via Sportskeeda)

Players who want to heal themselves on the go during a Fortnite round can sometimes stoke a campfire. In the Zero Build mode, however, players cannot carry any wood in their inventory, which is why reviving a smothered fire might be a challenge.

In the Zero Build mode, there's a popular misconception that a Firefly Jar can be used to rekindle a doused campfire. Unfortunately, this is completely untrue, as the campfire will remain extinguished regardless of what happens to the Jar.

10) Drift Nitro Difters without Tires

Nitro Drifters cannot drift with broken tires (Image via YouTube/Top5Gaming)
Nitro Drifters cannot drift with broken tires (Image via YouTube/Top5Gaming)

With the addition of the drifting feature, the newest Nitro Drifter vehicles in Fortnite can make sharper turns while maintaining a constant rate of acceleration through specific zones. Nevertheless, after a car's tires have been punctured, players may no longer engage in the drifting mechanism, since doing so would result in constant damage to the vehicle.

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