10 Fortnite memes that will make your day 

Some of the funniest Fortnite memes (Image via Sportskeeda)
Some of the funniest Fortnite memes (Image via Sportskeeda)

Fortnite Battle Royale memes are evergreen. The game has been memed ever since its inception for its cartoon-like mechanics, emotes, and player base. However, not all of these memes are toxic.

There are several Fortnite memes that players actually enjoy. These might be funny moments from popular streamers or hilarious glitches in the game. Naturally, fans of the game love to browse such memes regularly.

Fortunately, there is no shortage of memes related to the Battle Royale game, and some of these are all-time classics.


10 hilarious Fortnite memes

10) Tilted Towers

Even after being one of the most iconic locations in the game, there is no shortage of Tilted Tower Fortnite memes. The location has always been popular among sweats, and only the best are able to make it out alive after dropping into Tilted. Clearly, one can measure how 'tough' a gamer is based on where they drop in the Battle Royale game.

9) Building

The one thing that separates Fortnite from other Battle Royale games is its building mechanics. Hardcore FPS game players think this is just a way to avoid combat and makes such players less superior.

8) Sweats

Even players who play the game hate sweats who can build skyscrapers within seconds. The casual experience of normal players is often ruined by one player who is really good at build battles, with their quick edits and build techniques.

7) Fortnite Grandpa

A recent meme that went viral on Reddit was of an old grandpa kicking a child into the swimming pool. The reason why it is hilarious and enjoyed by fans of the community is because the meme implies that this grandpa is taking revenge for a kid trash-talking his grandson in Epic Games' Battle Royale.

6) Fortnite Community

It is often believed that the Fortnite community has the most toxic community out of all the games. So, the internet likes to call the petty players a bunch of 'toxic nine-year-olds' and make fun of them.

5) Bad Game

Hating a game on Reddit is always looked down upon by other users. However, when it comes to Epic Games' Battle Royale, everyone unites to criticize the game. Ganging up on the game seems like everyone's favorite pastime on the website.

4) Collaborations

The number of collaborations in the Battle Royale game crosses all limits. Several fans often criticize the developers for ruining their favorite franchises, movies, TV shows, etc. Naturally, every time a new collaboration arrives, the internet doesn't miss a chance at making a meme about it.

3) Naruto and The Rock

Back in 2020, if someone had told gamers that Naruto and The Rock would end up collaborating with Epic Games' Battle Royale, it would certainly have been a tough pill to swallow. Therefore, when both these characters ended up in the game, a plethora of memes emerged online.

2) Ukraine Relief

Not all memes make fun of the Battle Royale game. Epic Games' recent effort at raising funds for relief during the Ukraine war gave birth to some of the most wholesome memes. Even people who made fun of the game ended up appreciating its efforts at doing the right thing.

1) No-build meme

As soon as building was removed from the Battle Royale game, fans of other games started making fun of players who regularly used the feature. Since it is one of the biggest differentiating factors between all these games was the building mechanics. the meme implies that without it, the game is not all that special. Naturally, the internet did not miss this chance to make memes.

Some of these Fortnite memes make fun of the game itself, while others can be enjoyed by the players themselves. Ultimately, all these memes will certainly make your day.

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