10 Fortnite skins that were hyped the most (& why)

Galaxy skin is one of the most hyped cosmetic in the game (Image via Epic Games)
Galaxy skin is one of the most hyped cosmetic in the game (Image via Epic Games)

Every skin in Fortnite is met with a lot of excitement from gamers. Since 2017, the developers have released hundreds of cosmetics in the game. Some of them are owned by most gamers, while a handful owns some.

However, certain skins had the most hype before their release in the game. These skins were the talk of the town and became extremely popular even before they were featured in the game.

This article will reveal ten such Fortnite cosmetics and describe the underlying reason for the hype.

Exploring why these Fortnite skins were so hyped

1) Deadpool


Deadpool was the first-ever superhero collaboration skin to feature in the popular battle royale game. It was also the first secret skin in the game. Gamers were pretty excited about the arrival of the skin.

2) Galaxy


The earliest promotional skin, the Galaxy outfit, was available through a Samsung collaboration. The cosmetic style was quite impressive and appealed to everyone. The hype around the skin was immense, and several gamers purchased the product.

3) Midsummer Midas


Midas is undoubtedly one of the most popular characters in the game. It was no surprise when loopers across the globe hyped the summer variant of the cosmetic. No one wanted to miss out on the toned structure of the character and the beach-style outfit.

4) Batman


The caped crusader's arrival on the island was remarkable, considering his popularity in the popular culture segment. Everyone loved the concept of the Batman outfit, and the hype was unreal. No one wanted to miss out on the opportunity to dress up as Bruce Wayne's alias and go on to seek vengeance.

5) The Foundation


The Foundation skin was teased for a long time and was eventually released in Chapter 3 Season 1. He is a part of the Seven and is known for his heroics in the progressive storyline. The hype around this outfit was unreal, and gamers were quite excited to finally see it in Fortnite.

6) Naruto


Considered one of the most popular anime characters, Naruto was teased for a long time before it was released towards the end of Chapter 2. Gamers were quite excited about the prospect of having the skin in the game, and the hype was incredible.

7) Spider-Man


The absence of the web-slinger from the game has bugged gamers for a long time. The wait is finally over after Epic released the skin in Chapter 3 Season 1. Loopers were overly excited to see the superhero in the latest movie. This was reflected when Epic announced the release of the skin in the game.

8) Harley Quinn


The character from the DC universe was quite a name before its addition to Fortnite. So when Epic was reportedly adding her skin, the internet was taken by storm, and the hype around it was unimaginable.

9) LeBron James


The NBA superstar was teased ever since the leaked documents of Epic v Apple came to the public. Gamers have been waiting for the cosmetic ever since then, and the hype was quite unreal before it was released in Chapter 2.

10) The Mandalorian


The character from the Star Wars franchise made it big in the game. The hopes were high following a high-end Marvel-themed season. The outfit managed to live up to its hype and was quite a success in Fortnite.

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