10 most popular Victory Umbrellas in Fortnite, ranked based on design

Fortnite Victory Umbrellas ranked on the basis of their design (Image via Sportskeeda)
Fortnite Victory Umbrellas ranked on the basis of their design (Image via Sportskeeda)
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Gliders are one of the most fascinating cosmetics in Fortnite. The developers have released several different kinds of gliders for gamers ever since the initial days of the game. These gliders help gamers glide and land safely after jumping out of the Battle Bus or at some point on the map at a high altitude.

Despite having several different gliders, Victory Umbrella holds a special place in the gamers' inventory. Every season, Epic releases a special kind of Victory Umbrella. These gliders can only be unlocked after securing a Victory Royale.

This article will enlist ten such gliders in Fortnite that are pretty based upon their design.

Fortnite Victory Umbrellas ranked according to design

10) Snowflake


The first themed Victory Umbrella in Fortnite, the Snowflake has awed gamers with its simple yet subtle design. The light bluish tint of the glider, along with snowflakes printed all over it, is exquisitely beautiful.

9) Holographic


The Holographic Victory Umbrella was released in Season 9 and was a massive hit among loopers. As the name suggests, deploying the glider would bring out the main mast of the umbrella and then reveal the top shade portion in the form of a holograph.

8) Palm Leaf


To match the beach theme, Epic introduced the Palm Leaf umbrella in Season 8. The glider was designed perfectly to resemble several palm leaves tied one after another. The green tint of the glider, along with the brownish handle, was quite majestic yet straightforward.

7) Mighty Marvel Brella


Keeping out the Marvel-themed victory glider will be an injustice, especially when the design is pretty slick and stands out of the crowd. The metal tint of the umbrella and the reddish streaks indicate the superhero-themed season and make it one of the finest gliders ever.

6) Umbrella of the Last Reality


The Cubes took over the island in Chapter 2 Season 8, and the Victory Royale was designed to fit the theme. The purplish shade of the glider, along with streaks of thunder, made it look exquisite, especially when gamers dropped to spectate the Cubes in action.

5) Paper Parasol


Released in Fortnite Season 3, Paper Parasol is among the most vibrant gliders released in the game. The reddish tint of the umbrella, along with dragon illustrations, stands out from the rest. Even now, gamers can be spotted using this glider at times.

4) Downpour


The design of the Downpour umbrella is pretty basic. However, deploying the glider will cause a water jet to shoot up and pour down like a waterfall. This motion graphic sequence is one of the reasons why gamers so highly value it.

3) Seven Signet


The latest Victory Umbrella in the game, the Seven Signet, resembles the Foundation. The top part has a metallic finish, and the red glow adds to its beauty. The glider stands as a symbol of threat and can be spotted quite frequently in Fortnite.

2) Foundational 'Brella


Another glider based on the popular character, The Foundational 'Brella, is also a significant hit among loopers. Unlike the Seven Signet, it features the symbol of the Foundation all over the top part of the glider.

1) Invasion


The aliens pretty much dominated the island in Chapter 2 Season 7. However, the Invasion glider was in the limelight for all the right reasons. The glider was shaped like a UFO to match the season's theme.

The soft pinkish illumination coming out of the glider resembled the portal from the alien spaceship. Undoubtedly, this was the best Victory Umbrella that featured in Fortnite history.

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