3 artists that players want to see in a Fortnite concert in 2022 (& 3 they are already tired of)

Artists in Fortnite Concert 2022
Artists in Fortnite Concert 2022
Party Royale is an immersive experience for players to enjoy concerts (Image via Sportskeeda)
Party Royale is an immersive experience for players to enjoy concerts (Image via Sportskeeda)

Fortnite is becoming a hub for different franchises to enter and join the looped island. This includes different movie collabs, musical artists, heroes, villains and even some influential icon characters. The progressive four years of the game have seen various artists join the community and entertain the player community.

These artists either perform live at an event on the main looped island or on the Party Royale Island. Some of them even have their own Icon Skins that can either be redeemed or purchased from the Item Shop.

However, the community has noticed repetitive occurrences of specific artists that they don't want to see again. They expect a new round of famous artists to make their next move into the universe.

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Artists that Fortnite players want to see in a concert in 2022

1) The Weeknd

The Weeknd is currently the most anticipated artist by the community to appear in-game. With the release of various hit songs, the player base might go bonkers over this collaboration. There has been a small collaboration with his Blinding Lights Emote being released which is dedicated to one of his songs.


2) Lil Nas X

Another upcoming star that took the mainstream in a blink was Lil Nas X. He has been a major contributor to the music industry since 2018 and has been creating tracks that loopers can’t wait to hear in Fortnite.

There has been no such collaboration with the star, but custom design skins and concept art has already been made in Fortnite by a community dedicated to him.


3) Billie Eilish


Billie Eilish, alongside Lil Nas X, shares the same hype. The community is looking for her entrance that may relate to a darker or Halloween theme. The young Gen-Z fan base in-game really wants the collab to happen as soon as possible, which may take things to a new level.

3 artists Fortnite players are already tired of

1) Major Lazer


Major Lazer has been a part of the Fortnite community since Chapter 1. It started with the release of trending emotes, then later on with a skin which was followed up with a concert.

It was held in Party Royale as the first live event hosted in that space. Even the artists of the group are well-known, the player-base is already tired of Diplo headlining every concert.

2) BTS


BTS is a worldwide influential Korean band with millions of followers of every age. Fortnite has had a number of collaborations with BTS with the release of emotes and even a special concert.

Even though the community was satisfied with the collab, it started being repetitive and wanted other diversifying music groups to join instead of only seeing K-Pop origin music.

3) Marshmello


Marshmello had the first appearance as a musical artist with his own designated concert and skin. This marked the history where it was confirmed that the community would see more artists appear in Fortnite.

However, there have been several icon skins dedicated to Marshmello that make it seem that Epic is not able to bring new stars or skins. This makes the player base believe they are losing their originality.

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