4 features Fortnite should copy from other battle royale games

Battle royales are mostly different from each other (Images via Epic Games, Krafton)
Battle royales are mostly different from each other (Images via Epic Games, Krafton)

Fortnite has not been subtle about its inspiration from other games. It has utilized several features that other titles did first.

Minecraft had building for years when Epic Games implemented the mechanic into its battle royale game. Apex Legends introduced reboot stations, and shortly after, Fortnite implemented them too.

This is not uncommon in gaming because it's nearly impossible to copyright a game mechanic. Once something is invented or added to a title, other games can implement it if they choose to. It doesn't always look good, but it happens all the time.

There are still other features that battle royale games have that Fortnite doesn't. They don't usually copy other games, but there are some features that Epic would be wise to take from other battle royales.

Fortnite: Features they need to implement from similar games

4) Downtime


A few battle royale games, and tons of other titles, have a day and night cycle, and Epic may want to consider adding this to its modes. In this mode, the game functions similarly to The Hunger Games.

At a point during that event, the hunting and fighting stopped overnight. It was a chance to rest and reset.

Fortnite would benefit from having a little bit of time where players weren't always on edge looking for enemies.

3) First-person view

FIRST-PERSON VIEW IN FORTNITE!This update Epic began working on some stuff about first-person camera mode but there's no other info about it at the moment as it looks like it's still in early development. (via @HYPEX)

Most other shooters follow the first-person point of view. The third-person POV sets the game apart, but adding an alternate view to a different game mode might be a game changer.

Having both views available, similar to how building and Zero Build are both available, would bring in an entirely new audience.

There's a lot that Fortnite does well, which is why so many gamers play it, but adding an alternative mode with a different view would likely bring in the remaining holdouts and increase the overall player base.

This is reportedly in development, so there's a real chance it gets added to the game at some point. It'll be one of the few final things Fortnite did not do that other battle royales do.

2) Instant replay mode

A replay mode is helpful but difficult to find (Image via Epic Games)
A replay mode is helpful but difficult to find (Image via Epic Games)

Once players die, they might want to go into replay mode to find out what happened or how they can get better. They may also want to see how well they performed against their eventual killer so they can know how close or how far away they were from winning. This is helpful for those who want to get better.

However, going into replay mode is a hassle, which is why almost no one does it. Users have to exit the match, find the replay mode, select the right one, and load into it.

Other battle royales have instant replays available, and that's another thing Fortnite needs to add. Doing so would overall improve the quality of the gamer base and make replay mode worth using.

1) Kill cam

A kill cam from Call of Duty (Image via YouTube/WhiteBoy7thst)
A kill cam from Call of Duty (Image via YouTube/WhiteBoy7thst)

Spectating is fine, but what the game really needs is a kill cam. Anyone who's played Call of Duty knows it's beneficial to immediately see how they died.

In Fortnite, this wouldn't be the full replay mode of the match, but rather just how they died while they waited. It would probably be more beneficial than spectating.

Kill cams can be shown from multiple angles, showing gamers exactly where they went wrong.

Note: This article is subjective and reflects the views of the author.

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