How to watch replays in Fortnite: A step-by-step guide

Image via Epic Games
Image via Epic Games

Fortnite Battle Royale has an amazing replay feature that many daily players might not know about. In a Battle Royale game, things sometimes get sketchy, and players cannot figure out how they died.

However, with the replay feature, players can watch the entire episode on repeat, pausing and playing it frame by frame to figure out what went wrong.

Watching replays is really easy, but there are a few things players have to take care of before they can start watching the replays of their matches.

  • Load up the game
  • Go to Settings and go down to Replays tab
  • There are three options in the Replays menu.
  • Turn all the settings to "On"

Once everything is "on", players will be able to record replays and view them in Fortnite. If these options are not "On" in the first place, players need to play a few matches to have any replays to watch.

The best part about Fortnite replays is the multiple different ways players can use it. Hackers are common in all multiplayer games and while Fortnite is not filled to the brim with cheaters, sometimes, a few get through and can ruin the gameplay experience.

Therefore, before reporting any player for questionable gameplay, it is best to watch the replay in Fortnite to be sure that it is a cheater and not just another highly skilled player.


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Step by step guide to watch replays in Fortnite

Step 1

Image via YouTube@ Epic Legend YT
Image via [email protected] Epic Legend YT

Load the game and go over to the "Careers" tab

Step 2

Image via YouTube@ Epic Legend YT
Image via [email protected] Epic Legend YT

The option for replays will be at the bottom of the screen. Click the respective button depending on the platform.

Step 3

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Image via [email protected] Epic Legend YT

A list of replays from past games will show up. Players can rename and delete any replay they want. Select the replay and click "Play" to watch.

The replay media player has a lot of options that Fortnite gamers can mess around with. From multiple camera angles to viewing opponents close by, it can do it all. Using the replay function can help Fortnite players learn from their mistakes or relive the best moments from one's past matches.

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