5 reasons you're not improving in Fortnite (& 5 solutions to get better)

From cranking 90s to getting high ground retakes, players are playing the game wrong in several ways (Image via Sportskeeda)
From cranking 90s to getting high ground retakes, players are playing the game wrong in several ways (Image via Sportskeeda)

Fortnite is a battle royale game consisting of various elements and entities that pose an obstacle to players in it. To counter this, players need to gain experience and skills to be most effective in combat. Several players from both the competitive and non-competitive sides practice a lot to enjoy the game and get a victory royale for their effort.

To make this possible, there are several tips and tricks that the community can follow. These originate from pro players or some casual players. Nonetheless, some techniques and practices gamers use are not on point and, in return, decrease their potential in combat while ignoring some of what they should be doing.

5 reasons you're not improving in Fortnite

1) More style, fewer skills

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There is a huge misconception amongst new loopers, where they build and edit a lot where it isn't required. Excessive building leads to mats depletion and may not provide proper cover for the looper. This behavior usually occurs if the player is panicking or doesn’t know how to use builds effectively.

2) Wrong crosshair placement


In any battle royale title, aim is a basic element that always has room for improvement. Amateurs struggle with crosshair placement on their opponents and editing their builds. They either shake a lot or cover unnecessary areas on the screen that take up extra time.

3) Unbalanced loadout


Weapon selection and utilization are major components that need to be considered. Every season in Fortnite, there are changes to the weapon's availability and stats. Loopers don't use strategized loot or loadout to have both active and passive gameplay.

4) Not adapting to change


Every Fortnite season, some new metas and strategies revolve around the community. Loopers make a common mistake of not being aware of the community and implementing it in their style. New POIs and quests pose a certain challenge to the players, but some fail to adapt to the change as quickly as the pros.

5) Patience and practice


Loopers have unrealistic expectations of being the best in the game. However, this does not work in Fortnite as it has different elements and mechanics that proceed. Players who start new may lose more games and get demotivated.

Loopers need patience and practice to succeed, but most players don't follow that discipline and want to crank those 90s and be sweaty straightaway.

5 solutions to get better in Fortnite

1) Playing Creative maps


Creative maps provide a wide range of techniques and mechanics in a designated arena. Professional map designers build these arenas for players to explore and improve their skills in Fortnite. This, in return, helps the looper fight in normal combat scenarios using various techniques.

2) Learn from other pros


Learning from other pro players always causes beneficial feedback in gameplay in any game. Fortnite pros demonstrate their skills, which are super effective in fighting and rotating for the majority of the time. Game awareness and game plans can also be learned from these pros through their streams to visualize your next step to victory royale.

3) VOD review


The VOD review consists of spectating and analyzing the gameplay of different players or themselves. This gives the looper a different perspective that they usually don’t notice or see when active in a fight.

This helps analyze what mistakes can be avoided and which unnecessary movements can be eliminated. Pros widely do this to learn and improve their own playing style in Fortnite.

4) Start slow and steady


Many loopers have a misconception that practicing each day would make them the best out there. Unfortunately, this is next to impossible. Every pro player in Fortnite who has even won millions has started off with a level 0 in skills to their current levels. It requires hard work, dedication and focus, especially for competitive players.

5) Master different techniques


It's completely fine if a looper can't master all the skills that can be learned. They can push this same energy to one or more specific skills to master. Every pro player out there has a specific style of playing that sets them differently from other players. You can either start by learning some mind-blowing underrated tactics from these pros or create your own, which is effective at its core in Fortnite.

Note: The article reflects the writer's own views.

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