6 things most of the Fortnite community hasn't seen

From all things rare and gold, Loopers have missed several things in Fortnite (Image via Sportskeeda)
From all things rare and gold, Loopers have missed several things in Fortnite (Image via Sportskeeda)

As the Fortnite Universe has progressed over the past four years, a lot of elements, entities, challenges and users have joined the loop. The community also progressed with the loop going through different adventures and challenges to rise to the top. Some of these players joined from day one whereas others just entered a while ago.

With its fascinating storyline, there were many items that were added and removed frequently, even in today's time. Some of these elements were rarely or never seen by the majority of the community.

6 things in Fortnite most of the community hasn't seen

1) Mythic Goldfish


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One of the rarest items in-game that was added back at the start of Chapter 2 was the Mythic Goldfish. Fishing mechanics were added to the chapter which also had a special element to it, including the fish itself.

The probability for a looper to fish it was lower than 1%. Many loopers were on the hunt for the fish but only a handful of them succeeded. Some got them purely by luck while others spent day and night on the grind.

2) Golden Peely


Golden Peely is considered one of the hardest unlockable selectable styles available in Fortnite's battlepass. The skin is redeemable through Chapter 2 Season 2 only if the player reaches level 350, which requires a whopping 29.5 million XP.

Many loopers were upset that they had spent V-Bucks and were not able to redeem the selectable style of the Battlepass skin due to extreme difficulty.

3) Zapatron


Zapatron is a Legendary sniper rifle that was leaked into the island back in 2017. It was added during the pre-season of Fortnite's Battle Royale and is also known as Season 0.

It was only added to the Battle Royale game mode for a few hours and was experienced only by some loopers during the match. It was removed due to its immense damage, giving an unfair advantage to any looper using it.

4) Merry Mint pickaxe


It was one of the few pickaxes that became a big hype around the community. It is super rare for players as it does not have the same procedure for purchasing in-game pickaxes.

The pickaxes were only available through a code that only a physical Fortnite product would have. These products are only available for a limited time at both GameStop and other stores.

5) Ikonik Skin


The Ikonik is an Epic rarity outfit that was released on March 8, 2019. This skin is not easily attainable. It is available to users who own a Samsung Galaxy S10 or S10+. Ikonik was released majorly to promote Samsung's new device that also launched Fortnite Beta on Android phones.

6) Gnome Wall


Gnomes spawn in between the holes present in the builds made from bricks. These gnomes do not appear in every build and have a very low chance of being placed in a fully structured build.

Only a small percentage of players have witnessed it either on the island or creative, which makes it hard to notice and rare to spawn in Fortnite.

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