8 Fortnite re-skins that ruined the original cosmetic

OG Fortnite skins ruined by re-skins (Image via Sportskeeda)
OG Fortnite skins ruined by re-skins (Image via Sportskeeda)

Re-skins in Fortnite have become extremely common as the demand for popular skins has grown over the years. Since Epic Games promises that Battle Pass skins are one-time only, they cannot release them again in the Item Shop. Therefore, re-skins are the only way to fulfill the players' demands.

Some re-skins, like the all-new Omega Knight, are certainly a hit with players. However, several others left them raging for ruining the actual cosmetics. The OG skins are extremely rare and much coveted. Clearly, watching some of the most precious items in their locker getting ruined by a re-skin would upset a lot of players.

Top 8 OG Fortnite cosmetics that were ruined by re-skins

8) Skull Trooper


One of the earliest controversies in the Battle Royale game was surrounding the Skull Trooper skin. This OG cosmetic was a cherished possession for several players before Epic Games introduced several re-skins inspired by the Skull Trooper to appease other players.

The re-skins - including Purple Glow, Green Glow, Inverted, and Gilded styles - destroyed the ultra-rare status of the OG skin, upsetting several players who owned it.

7) Renegade Raider

All Renegade Raider re-skin in Fortnite (Image via Stealthy/YouTube)
All Renegade Raider re-skin in Fortnite (Image via Stealthy/YouTube)

Introduced in the Season 1 pass, Renegade Raider is one of the rarest skins in Fortnite.

However, the hype around this cosmetic was ruined after Epic Games released three re-skins based on this OG outfit. Clearly, players like the Molten Raider and the Skeletra skin more than the Renegade Raider.

6) Jules

Beach Jules skin after the recent update (Image via ShiinaBR/Twitter)
Beach Jules skin after the recent update (Image via ShiinaBR/Twitter)

Midas' daughter Jules is one of the smartest engineers the island has ever seen. Clearly, people enjoy her in her mechanic or welder outfit.

However, the controversial Beach Jules re-skin ruined the entire outfit for many players. The controversy surrounding the re-skin's skin color also ended up affecting Jules' popularity.

5) Cuddle Team Leader


Released during the first Valentine's Day event, Cuddle Team Leader has always been one of the most adorable skins in the game.

Unfortunately, the later released Team Leader skins focus way too much on being scary and intimidating than the original cuddly bear look of the outfit. Clearly, they ruined the vibe that set the OG Cuddle Team leader skin aprt from others.

4) Drift


The all-new Graveyard Drift skin is one of the coolest skins in Fortnite by far. Sadly, this re-skin overshadowed the original Drift skin that appeared in the Season 5 Battle Pass.

Other re-skins based on Drift are worse than the OG skin, and players hardly like the Summer Drift and Frozen Drift skins as they are nowhere close to the magnificent vibe of the OG drift skin.

3) Brite Bomber


Brite Bomber is a Season 1 skin and was once the most coveted skin in the game. Even after having appeared in the Item Shop more than any other skin in the game, players still love the OG outfit.

Unfortunately, Epic Games ended up releasing about 10 re-skins based on the Bomber model, ruining the OG Brite Bomber skin. With all the new re-skins, players soon forgot about the first iteration and she is hardly seen on the map these days.

2) Peely


One of the most adorable Fortnite skins can also be a secret agent or a frozen banana. Peely has multiple outfit styles, and while some of them are adorable, many others ruin the popular skin.

The Toona Peely outfit is arguably one of the worst re-skins in the game. None of these skins are as innocent as the OG Peely skin, a quality that made players fall in love with the skin in the first place.

1) Jonesy


The earliest default skin model was based on Jonesy, who has become central to the Fortnite storyline. However, there are so many snapshots of Jonesy in the game that the developers have ruined the original simplistic cosmetic.

One might say Jonesy is overhyped with all his snapshots, and players liked him better as the default skin.

Hopefully, Epic Games will focus more on original skins and cosmetics in the coming days rather than releasing re-skins of earlier items.

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