Bollywood star Shah Rukh Khan joins the long list of celebrities who play Fortnite

(Image via Epic Games/Fortnite)
Considering the possibility of a collaboration with SRK (Image via Epic Games/Fortnite)

Shah Rukh Khan has joined a long list of celebrities that play Fortnite and, to an extent, it feels rather surreal for the community. With a film career spanning nearly four decades and still counting, he's finally decided to take the plunge and join millions of others in Epic Games' metaverse.

In a Q&A session with fans on Twitter, the superstar revealed that he was learning to play the game from his "little ones." Given how Epic Games has ensured that their popular battle royale title is PG-13 and family-friendly, this makes a lot of sense.

With that said, there's not a lot of information at hand. For starters, does he play the Zero Build mode or is he more into Save The World mode? Can he crank out "90s" like a pro or does he rely on Cow Catchers for protection? Many questions are yet to be answered.

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Perhaps in the near future, he may upload a video of himself playing Fortnite and showing off his skills. On that note, could the tweet be a hint at something in the works with Epic Games?

Is Shah Rukh Khan hinting at becoming an Icon Series skin in Fortnite or something more?

Unfortunately, Shah Rukh Khan is yet to be mentioned in any survey for the game. The data collected from these surveys is often used to determine who or what gets featured in-game through a collaboration.

This has been the tried and tested method for Epic Games for a long time. That said, if a name does not show up, it means that it's not even being taken into consideration. However, not every character who appears in-game is added to this survey list.

Brie Larson, for example, who currently plays Paradigm in-game, was never mentioned in the survey. Another major example is Dwayne Johnson, who merely provided hints on social media and was finally revealed as the leader of The Seven, The Foundation.

Just like Shah Rukh Khan's tweet about Fortnite, Johnson's journey began very subtly and slowly as well. Only bits of information were given away at certain periods of time. Finally, Dwayne Johnson was revealed in-game eight-and-a-half months after the very first hint was dropped.

Looking at the timeline, if (and that's a big if) Shah Rukh Khan becomes a character or skin in-game, it's far too early to tell. Since Epic Games is tight-lipped about certain collaborations, there won't be any information about this anytime soon.

With that said, if he does get added to the game, it'll be a milestone for the Indian Fortnite community (including the person writing this article). But do fans even want him in-game?

Will Shah Rukh Khan's appearance in Fortnite be received well?

If his fame isn't enough to sway people's opinions, his charm most certainly is. Indian fans have been requesting Epic Games for a collaboration for years now. More recently, quite a few players from the country drew comparisons between his Jawan avatar and the Stormfarer skin from Chapter 3 Season 3's Battle Pass.

While there is no connection given the history of the character, the physical similarities are striking. On that note, here are a few tweets from fans asking for a Shah Rukh Khan collaboration:

With all that said, there's no guarantee of him coming to Fortnite either as an Icon Series skin or a storyline character. Nevertheless, with Epic Games looking to expand to new horizons, the possibility is ever present. Perhaps in some future seasons, SRK may play a role in the game's captivating storyline.

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