Comparing the current generation of Fortnite streamers to older ones: What really changed?

Fortnite Community is Killing the Game. Image via Sentinels' Twitter.
Fortnite Community is Killing the Game. Image via Sentinels' Twitter.
Kayelynne Harrison

While the battle royale style of Fortnite is extremely fun and has the potential to be even more popular than what it already is, a large percentage of the community has become too hateful for their own good.

Comparing the current generation of Fortnite streamers to the older ones: What really changed?

As is the case with any intense game, attitudes and tempers are capable of rising at any moment. However, the Fortnite community has earned a cringey reputation due to its toxicity.

While streamers are certainly not the cause of the toxic behavior that any player might experience when attempting to play the game, Fortnite streamers and professional players should be setting better examples for the casual players that look up to them.


The popular YouTube channel, Esports Talk, has reported regarding the toxicity within the community several times. Each time he reports on this aspect of the community, the host, Jake Lucky, argues that the younger professionals are not necessarily entirely responsible for their immaturity.

Though Jake Lucky understands that not everyone will agree with his take, it should be noted that not holding young professionals responsible for their behavior is nearly the same as encouraging them to keep it up.

At this point in time, there are nearly two separate generations or waves of Fortnite professionals and streamers. While younger Fortnite players such as TungCalc are earning the reputation of "most toxic Fortnite player," older Fortnite players are attempting to set a better example.


Jake Lucky from the Esports Talk channel, and itsJerian on YouTube, are not alone in excusing the behavior of these Fortnite players due to their age or being friends with them. The responsibility to change the toxicity that is allowed in Fortnite boils down to each individual member of the community - casual players and sweaty players alike.

It is one thing to get frustrated, yell, or even rage quit when playing a game such as Fortnite, or experiencing a frustrating situation in general. It is an entirely other thing, and a completely toxic thing, when a player throws out various slurs at people or goes out of their way to be hateful.

Of all the drama within the community, one recent situation did show that the community has a chance at redeeming itself. As previously reported on, Fortnite streamer and cosplayer, MsAshRocks, was subjected to hateful comments regarding her weight, as she paid tribute to the mystical Isabelle Skin from Fortnite Season 6.

While she was met with a great deal of support and maintained her composure, she was also met with extremely hateful comments regarding her weight. Trolls have used racial slurs on her social media as well. This behavior is unacceptable from anyone, however, a large portion of the toxicity comes from younger players.

SypherPK and other "first wave streamers," if you will, came to support MsAshRocks in this situation and called these people out for their negative comments. Though these professionals are looked up to by many and have a great influence over the Fortnite community, individuals will not attempt to change as long as their friends or random people on the internet excuse and allow it.

Though some players, communities, and games can be known for the toxicity they attract, they all have the chance to improve. Individuals grow and change every day. Instances that involve toxicity should be used as teachable moments so that change can find its way into the community.

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